Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pink & Red Roses

I am horribly behind on posting new projects.  Although you would not know it by looking at this blog, I have been very productive in the sewing room for the last couple of months.

This dress was actually finished back in May, which is also when these photos were taken.  I guess you could say I am having a lot more fun sewing than going through photos.

This is my second version of Vogue 1043.  I love that dress!  So much so, in fact, that I decided to take another stab at the pattern.

Just for fun, I decided to use a drapey rayon from Gertie’s recent fabric collection.  I knew the skirt would look great, but I was not sure how the bodice would work without a fair amount of structure.  The neckline openings are faced . . . but would it be enough?

The answer is yes, and no.  The design definitely lends itself to a textile with more stability than a lightweight rayon.  However, I think this works.

I did have to add a snap to keep the surplice front from pulling open.  This is not an issue on the cotton version of the dress, so I am blaming this entirely on my fabric choice.

The pointed neckline also wants to flop forward.  I cannot help but think that a pair of collar stays might solve the problem.  But am I going to stitch in a channel for a stay?  Probably not.  This is not a tailored garment by any stretch of the imagination, and I am not that concerned with the problem.

And the dress is incredibly comfortable, so that is something!

I really do love the print.  I love it so much that I purchased the blue colorway and may have already made something with it.

And just like my other version of this particular Vintage Vogue pattern, this dress has already been worn a number of times.  So I am going to call this a success!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 1043
Jacket:  Made by me, “Spearmint” by Lolita Patterns
Shoes:  Remix “Babydoll


  1. Such a beautiful outcome! I love the look of this pattern and that fabric is gorgeous. xo

  2. Beautiful dress and I love your hair!

  3. Cap sleeves and a billowy hemline, bookending an hour-glass waist - Ming had more mercy in him!

  4. That fabric looks comfortable enough for loungewear but pretty enough for day and evening wear. I love the colors.

  5. I love this dress. The fit is just fantastic particularly the drape of the skirt, lovely at the back too. Definite success.

  6. Gorgeous dress, you look stunning in it and the fabric is lovely.