Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Butterick Patterns for Winter

Butterick has just released their Winter pattern catalog.  And I have to say that I am in love with this Lisette coat pattern!  

Love the shawl collar, love the pockets, love the single button closure - yes, I really, really want this one!  Each year I fall for one or two new outerwear designs, but rarely get around to making myself a new coat.  I think the time has come for me to do something about that.

There are two new Gertie patterns, and I think both of them are really lovely.  The front bodice treatment of Butterick 6412 is wonderful, and that neckline is gorgeous.  This would make a wonderful day dress in a lightweight wool, and it clearly works quite well as a cocktail dress.  Hooray for winter dresses with sleeves!  

The second Gertie pattern is very 1950s Hollywood starlet à la Marilyn Monroe.  This is the kind of midriff baring dress I can get behind!
At first glance, I thought that the necklace worn with the navy version was the collar edge of an illusion neckline (similar to a vintage Peggy Hunt or something like this dress from All About Eve).  Hmmm . . . I think that might be fun to play around with.  Maybe not with this particular design, but something similar.  Add that to my growing list of possible future projects!

Butterick 6411 is a knit dress from Lisette.  I see some definitely possibilities here, but finding the right fabric would be important.  And I really am trying hard to use what I already have and not be tempted to make new fabric purchases, so this one may not come home with me for the moment.

Butterick produced a male version of a jacket/jodhpur combo a few seasons ago, and I recall wishing that there was a similar design drafted for the female form.  Well, here we are!  Tailored jackets are a lot of work, and whether or not I ever get around to making this remains to be seen, but I really do like the style.  Is it acceptable to wear jodhpurs if you do not plan on riding a horse?  Because I really do like the look - until I remember that I am not built like a model.  I think I better steer clear until I feel comfortable in public while wearing a pair of plain old trousers!  Baby steps, right?!

I would have loved one or two new retro designs included in this catalog, but overall, I am very pleased with the offerings.  Now I just need to motivate myself to get started on a coat project!


  1. Have you ever watched 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'? The jodphur/jacket styling is a really obvious reference to the show, which is full of lovely 20s clothing.

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  3. The coat in a sherbet pastel (melba, frosty lime, or even, dare I suggest, iced lilac), with an up-doo.

    Front window booth at an eatery/coffee shop/diner, and not only will you turn heads, but you'll have the setting for your photo shoot. It's almost a "Carol"-esque garment.

  4. Oh my gosh that last outfit is clearly inspired by Miss Fisher, and that makes me VERY HAPPY!

  5. Agree with the styles in 'Miss Fisher' and went to the costume display in Melbourne, - swoon - so lovely to see them in detail at "Ripponlea". Sam the Aussie

  6. Ha, there are so many things I'd like to wear, before I remember I'm not built like a model. Sigh. I do love the coat, but most likely to be made by me from this release is the dog jacket... I was a little ashamed that the only number I wrote on the "to buy" list was for the dog this time around!