Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Shades of Green in Silk & Velvet

Last year I cut into this lovely silk/cotton blend jacquard.  I was hoping to have a warm weather dress in a Fall appropriate color for those transitional days when I am ready to wear darker colors, but the days are still quite warm.  The weather turned cold before I got very far with it, and since I did not feel like rushing through this project, it was abandoned.  

There really is something about lovely fabric that makes me slow down!  (Which is a good thing!)

This fabric was originally a very olive toned green.  I have no real problem with the shade, but it has a problem with me and my skin tone.  The obvious thing was to dye the fabric.  Since I have fiber reactive dye on hand, and since the textile contained cotton, I went with that.

The dye worked like a charm on the flat side (I suppose you could call it the “wrong” side) of the fabric, but not so much on the silk portion.  Go figure!  

I thought about overdying with an acid dye for a cross dyed look, but in the end, I just used the flat side of the fabric.  This makes the garment look slightly less dressy, which I rather like.

This design could use a bit of a swayback adjustment on me, but as long as I do not stand in direct sunlight and twist my torso, the wrinkles are not very noticeable.

It may not be the most perfectly executed garment I have ever made, but I really do like this dress.

The style lines are really lovely.  I may even have to make another version.

And because it got chilly before I had a chance to wear my new dress, I pulled out this old thrifted dress one to use as a cover up.  I really was determined to wear finish and wear this dress before another year passed!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 9103
Velvet Dress:  Thrifted, T. T. Mar
Necklace, vintage, borrowed from Mom
Shoes:  BP


  1. This dress is fabulous! Love the fabric, the neckline, the fit and also realised I already had the pattern myself so thank you for making me understand what a great pattern this is.

  2. The back of this dress has a really nice design! Interesting pattern indeed and great dress on you! Nicely done!

  3. Such a sexy dress, I love the back the way the gathering starts just at the hip.

  4. Very pretty, and such an interesting cut! Love it with the velvet!

  5. Beautiful! It looks so nice on you.

  6. Laura Mae,

    The dress is lovely, and the details really make it into more than it first appears to be.

    Great dye job!!

    Should you ever re-dye the dress at a later date (bottle green?), consider DuPont or Sennelier Tinfix dye from Dharma (they are alcohol based). Those dyes work wonders on silk, and even though you have the reverse side public facing, the cotton, and any visible silk threads should drink up the pigment nicely.

    Your mother has good taste in shoes; great take of the t-strap.

    Oh, and your up-'doo is duly noted.

  7. Really beautiful. I especially love the back.

  8. I love that dress! My favorite part is the back, how the bodice back curves down and then the skirt has a lot of gathers there. I'm going to have to haunt Etsy and eBay for that pattern!