Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Falling Behind

This blog has definitely been neglected as of late.  I can’t say exactly why - I suppose it is mostly because I am just not as motivated to turn on the computer these days.  I have been fairly productive with my creative pursuits, though.  

Which means I have a huge backlog of photos to get through, and plenty more finished projects to photograph.

This quilting cotton was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics at the same time I picked up the poppy print for this skirt and this dress.  I love both of the designs, and this particular cotton fabric just gets better and better the more it is laundered.  I cut right into the poppy print, but the birds were tucked away, waiting for the perfect pattern to come along.  

When I decided that I really wanted to find an appropriate pattern for this fabric, Butterick 6318 was not the first one that came to mind.  And technically, I did not have enough yardage - but I was not about to let that stop me.

And I am really glad I went for it, because I love this dress!  It has had a lot of wear this year.  It may be rather simple, but sometimes that is just what is needed.

This garment has been washed, pressed, and tucked away in the closet for now, at least until Spring arrives.  But I am so glad I finally gave these birdies a chance to sing!


  1. What a fabric find, from Joann of all places! You made a lovely dress from it.

  2. Wow, love that fabric! And as always, such wonderful work(wo)manship.

  3. Laura Mae,

    The bird at the top of the zipper in back is pattern matched, in a dress you didn't have sufficient fabric to construct, yet you did indeed make, and all from fabric from JoAnn's.

    I'm filing this one under "sewing chicanery", as you offered nary a tip nor a trick, let alone a "behind the seams" look what it took to make so lovely a frock (rib removal?? Hmmmmm??).

    As for that backlog, bring it on! I'm sure to overhear something worth repeating about you.

    1. OH my gosh, yes! The matching is spot on. I had to look twice to see the seamline. And if that's the seam where the zipper is, holy cow, working with "not enough yardage" that is super impressive!

  4. Beautiful fabric, beautiful dress. Is the bodice lined with cotton? and all the seams encased with your rayon tape, right? beautiful work.

  5. It looks great! This pattern is perfect for the fabric. I made several dresses out of quilting cotton years ago, and loved them. I need to get back to it! It's not suitable for everything, but this type of silhouette works beautifully.

  6. The neck seems a bit too high, otherwise I love it!