Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Different Kind of Knit Cowl

A few years ago, everyone was hand knitting "snoods."  Except they were not snoods - they were more of an infinite scarf or a scarf made to look like a draped cowl neckline.  Yes, the English language is full of words that have multiple meanings, but for a brief moment, I thought that a vintage hair covering was coming back into vogue, and that was rather exciting.

But a cowl neckline is something that I love, no matter what we may be calling it these days.

Last year, I purchased a Craftsy kit that included a Renfrew pattern and a length of gray knit fabric.  Gray is not a great color for me, but it was a good deal for the pattern alone.  When the kit arrived, I realized how much I loved this mid-weight rayon blend.  So, I pulled out my fiber reactive dyes and went to work.  This is the result.  Working with these knit fabrics really isn't so very bad!  Which makes me wonder why I was scared for all those years . . .


  1. I remember the snood well!! Your top looks great, the colour is fab, grey makes me look washed out but I have never dyed anything, I have a huge piece of ponte that I could try it on.

  2. I've never dyed anything either and am in awe of how nicely colored this is! Wow!

    And the cowl / snood is great! Very cozy.

  3. This color is gorgeous! As I learn what colors I really shouldn't wear, I have been overdying some of my fabrics and enjoying the unexpected results.

    I was a bit aggravated by the appropriation of the word snood for the scarf-hood. Snood already had a perfectly good meaning. Why couldn't they come up with a new word?

  4. What a beautiful shade of teal green! It is so perfect for the Renfrew top. Having friends in Britain, I found out that they call infinity scarves snoods,(this was over five years ago, when I visited with them). I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

  5. England has quite a few different words than U.S.A. The snoods I remember is what the women wore to keep their hair neat. It looked like a large colored hair net.

  6. Your top is beautiful and I love the color.