Thursday, March 2, 2017

Leftover Cherries

I am currently working on two different versions of Butterick 6413.  I don't believe I have ever done this before, and it certainly has its benefits, but since I am constructing the two dresses slightly differently, it is messing with my head!

When I brought this pattern home, I really hoped it would be the perfect design for my leftover cherry silk/wool from New York.  I have tried repeatedly to use this fabric, but there is never quite enough.  I really am down to scraps!  In fact, the muslin for Vogue 9125 was meant for this fabric, but it ended up working better in a knit.

Since this design has quite a few smaller pieces, I thought there was a good chance that this might work.

Of course, I started with a muslin.  Finding enough scrap fabric was even challenging - I ended up piecing the skirt front.  Which reminds me that I have to order more!

My standard alterations made this dress fit quite well, but that did not stop me from messing with the back skirt darts.  In the end, I went back to the original placement, and just shortened them a bit.

Then the whole thing was ripped apart.

The real test, of course, was to see if the pieces would fit on my leftover fabric (basically a yard of 60" wide fabric with a flaw smack dab in the center, plus scraps).  It took a bit of finagling, but I did manage it!  

I took pictures of my layout, and I also drew a sloppy diagram in case the pictures somehow disappeared and I was unable to replicate the jigsaw puzzle!

The underlining for this is plain old mid-weight cotton.  The stitching lines were traced onto that, and then I had to fit those on my cherry print.  I would have liked a deeper hem on the skirt, but really, I am very, very lucky that everything fits!

Next up is a whole lot of hand basting . . . because such a gorgeous fabric deserves special treatment!


  1. NOT double dipping!

    You are blending New York Cherry, Gertie, and "atelier Laura Mae" into one dress (points for puzzling and piecing), whilst constructing the Blue Roses Dress (from a fabric which is a essentially a script that you wrote, flipped, and will star in), from the same pattern?!?

    Can we expect these to be modeled in split-screen?

    And what's with the open and notorious duplicity? You've historically waxed poetic for another version of the same, whilst keeping true to a closet full of one-offs. [turns head slowly into a shadow where the camera sits, forcing a harshly back-lit profile, and bellows] Something is afoot!

    Hand sewing that makes you go, "Hmmmmmmm????"
    Hand sewing that makes you go, "Hmmmmmmm????"

  2. This is going to be a lovely dress when it's finished! I'm glad you managed to use up your scrap fabric. :)

  3. So gorgeous! Love the fabric!!!