Sunday, July 15, 2018

Early Fall Patterns from McCalls

I was beginning to think that The Archive Collection was fading away, but we have a new pattern.  I find myself slightly confused by the styling (specifically that hat selection), but I am definitely intrigued by the design.

I do wish they included the original pattern illustrations as they do with the other vintage reproductions.  Does anyone recognize this one?  The choice is interesting, and I certainly cannot think of another currently issued pattern that replicates this look, so I am all for it!  I love the slightly Watteau-esque back treatment.  It's a similar look to the one I ended up when I modified this vintage pattern.  And I will be curious to see exactly how this is constructed!  Hooray for non-basic patterns!

My other favorite design is McCall 7805.  There have been a slew of cold shoulder designs recently, mostly blouses from all of the major pattern companies.  Of them all, this dress is the most likely to be added to my closet in the near future.

I ripped an image of this Donna Karan design from 2008 out of a fashion magazine back then and saved the picture for all these years.  And I have wanted my own version ever since - including that fabulous belt!  Vogue released a pattern from the same collection in 2009 that I have stashed away.  In many ways, I wish they had chosen this design, but I am thinking I may take a stab at recreating something similar with the help of this new McCall pattern.  We shall see what happens . . . and if there is time before the weather turns cold.  (So many warm weather patterns and fabric waiting to be stitched together!)

The other ever popular design this season is the ruffled wrap dress.  Here is another one.  I do like the additional option of the more business-like neckline with the notched collar.  But I think I prefer this one from Butterick, so I am going to pass on this particular pattern.
Only two new pattern to add to the stash is good news around here - those boxes are getting really, really full.  Do you have any favorites that will be following you home?

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  1. The Archive entry looks like a YSL-inspired trapeze silhouette. Sadly, this reads maternity to me.

  2. The hat reads, "Mary Reilly" (Julia Roberts, 1996).

    WHAT were they thinking???

  3. Dear Laura Mae,

    I'm not even tempted by the patterns (wrap dresses are not my friend) however, I wanted to thank you for all the time you spend on this blog, the valuable information you share, and your classy attitude through it all. I recently read all your past articles and have been informed and inspired.

    Thanks again,

  4. I wonder how the seams are ironed to make them roll and keep them soft. I once read a newspaper article that Spadea patterns published that explained the technique but I lost that article and have never seen the instructions since. I wonder if anyone else saved that article and could post it as it was unusual.

  5. Regarding the hat (well, both hats are awful) I think the stylist made an error in the placement. As a young teen, I felt so grown up wearing a "woman's" hat like the pink one. These were not worn so far forward & tipped to one side; they were worn flat on the crown of the head & worn like that added a bit of height to your look. Same for the red hat, it would look better worn further back, similar to a cloche. The way it is on the envelope it looks like an oversized fez.

    I think the problem with the styling of many vintage inspired patterns is they try to "update" the vintage look with modern shoes, hats, purses, etc. which all look inappropriate with the vintage look.

    Love your pattern reviews and can't wait to see your next sewing project!