Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Matching Jacket

After cutting out my orchid dress, there was enough fabric left over for another garment.  My first thought was a matching jacket.

And the first one that came to mind was Vogue 9082.

I underlined the entire garment for added body.

The two layers get basted together, and I like to stitch just inside all darts to keep the two layers together during construction.  Because the stitches are within the dart legs, there is no need to remove them later.

Having made this jacket before, I was familiar with the construction, and everything went together easily.

I went with bound buttonholes, and added a piece of fusible interfacing at the opening for added stability.

I tend to use my dress form as a hanger while working on multiple projects.  It keeps me from cutting into something I shouldn't with a sewing table full of fabric - which happens to be my recurring sewing nightmare.  When this jacket went on the form, I rather liked the contrasting collar.  Not enough to go in that direction for this particular project, but I may play around with it in the future.

Ironically, I had to piece the collar facing because of the limited yardage.  Looking at these pictures, I probably should have placed that seam so I could use it to make an in-seam buttonhole for the facing, but I didn't think of it while I was cutting.

But the buttonholes turned out great, so I really can't complain.

A little catch-stitching along the hemline . . .

and a bit of hand sewing on the lining . . .

and I have a jacket to match my new dress.

[Disclosure:  My Fabric Designs provided me with a coupon code which was used to purchase this fabric, but the opinions posted here are my own.]


  1. I absolutely love this collar style. Can't wait for the ensemble images!

  2. What a great idea! Your work looks totally pristine every step of the way. You are a phenomenal seamstress just like my daughter. I so enjoy your blog. Keep on with the gorgeous work!

  3. I have this pattern but have never made the jacket. So wonderful to see how it makes up. And as usual your work is perfection.