Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A Field Full of Daisies

Going through these photos has reminded me how much I love my Butterick 6453 dresses - all three of them!

I just love how easy it is to throw them on and look put together.

I wore my first version all the time last summer, and it is high time I pulled it out again.  

Funny how favorite items change from season to season. 

I have so many lovely summery cotton prints and am tempted to make more of this very silhouette.

Then again, I also have piles of other patterns that I want to get to.  Which do I start with?

For the moment, I am making myself another blouse/skirt combo because I am finding separates to be very convenient wardrobe builders.

We shall see how long that lasts.

And until I decide, I have plenty of Butterick 6453 options to choose from.


  1. Another nice piece.

    Your comment that you've made multiple items from this pattern got me thinking. Have you ever done a photo spread of all the items made from a single pattern, showing them all together? I think it would be fun and instructive. Maybe just gather the photos already taken into a new post?

    1. Laurie,

      I like the way you think! A Laura Mae montage/compendium/cavalcade of iterations is a brilliant suggestion.

      I could even see her in a midi length version in a stretchy knit with a cropped jacket covering her shoulders and most of her arms (a 3/4 sleeve, funnel neck, or padded shoulder number to keep office-appropriate, but if the office is a bit warm that day, she doffs the jacket and throws cashmere-blend curves at the green-eyed, the wide-eyed, and the eyes of the uninitiated to, "The cult of Laura Mae".

      We need to hear more from you, Laurie, we're two of a kind.


  2. i love all your clothes and admire your talent and how quickly you can finish a project. I wish i was as good at fitting and as fast at sewing as you are. My projects are couture quality but I don't complete as many things as you do. I think you are just naturally faster with your hands at knitting and sewing. You look fabulous in all your clothes.

  3. You look fantastic in this sleek silhouette. I'm all for the fit-and-flare but this is also a great look for you.

  4. This is a great dress on you and the quality of your work shines through (as usual).