Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Cap Sleeve Jumper

One day I found some lovely bright pink cotton/rayon yarn at an estate sale.  There was not very much there (just three balls), but I took it home with me.

Then, of course, I couldn't get the yarn out of my mind.  I had to find a pattern that would work with the limited yardage.

Eventually, I settled on this Cap Sleeve Jumper.  As pictured, I would probably run out of yarn.  But if I shortened the body to sit at the waistline instead of the hips I just might make it.

Unfortunately, the limited yardage was not enough.  The body was knit, but the ribbing sections at the neckline and sleeves were too much for my yardage.

But then, miraculously, I found some of the same yarn on Ebay with no mention of color or dye lot.  But how could there be two different pinks in the same yarn range, right?!  

Of course, when it arrived the color was not at all the same.  I thought about tea dying the new yarn to see if I could darken the brighter color to better match the original, but then decided against it.  Since I would be using the contrasting color on all of the ribbing it just might look intentional.

And then I found the single remaining button from this project that was a perfect tie in for both colors!  The pattern actually calls for a zipper to close the neck opening, but I prefer a button.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this.  And I have the perfect skirt to wear with it!


  1. gorgeous make and great you got the yarn on ebay so you now have 'toned' trims!

  2. Just when we forget you can knit.......