Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Large Pockets and Vintage Silhouettes

Last summer I spotted this bottom weight twill on an endcap in JoAnns.  The pink is rather bright, but I thought it would make an excellent skirt.  I really like the fact that it is a light colored background that is not see-through because of the thickness of the textile.  Simplicity 8458 is recent vintage reproduction that I wanted to try, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I toyed with the idea of making the button front version, but I though the detail would get lost in busy print.

Just for fun, I decided to install my zipper using a machine.  I am alway hearing about people using double sided tape to apply zippers without the distortion from any pins, so I went ahead with that technique.  Will I be deserting my hand picked zippers anytime soon?  Certainly not!  But it was a fairly painless zipper insertion, and went much smoother than expected.  I will conquer my fear of using a machine!

I also decided to insert a few small pieces of boning into the waistband.  At this point, I should know to always do this because whenever I don't, I kick myself.  One of my favorite skirts does not have any waistband reinforcement and it bunches in a very annoying manner.  I should go back and fix it, but "mending" garments is probably my least favorite part of sewing.  Once something is finished, I am done!  Seriously, some of my ready-to-wear cardigans lose a button and it takes me years to fix it.  Highly embarrassing, considering that I could fix it in less than 10 minutes, but there you go.

I also decided that I wanted a button closure on the waistband instead of the hook & bar I usually use.  When cutting the waistband out, I just made sure to give myself a bunch of extra length to play with.

I rather like the tab closure, and will have to remember the technique for future skirts.

I definitely love the silhouette of a classic long full skirt!  Tea-length is probably my favorite proportion, and this skirt is fast becoming a favorite.


  1. You have the market cornered on elegance.

    Your JoAnn's is must be a pilot store for tasteful fabrics which look as if they have some sort of 7th Avenue pedigree. My JoAnn's is fodder and inspiration for every craft fair and homemade costume.

  2. No the pink is perfect for that style skirt. Love it.And love the skirt style as well. So graceful.

  3. Cute! I could use a good tea length skirt pattern that works well with twill and big pockets. I have to wear a khaki/tan bottom for band and I don't enjoy the pants or capris and there is no room for a few essentials that I don't want to leave unattended in my instrument cases. It needs to be fuller and longer for modesty and practicality. Any good patterns out there? I have never drafted my own, but I guess that is an option.