Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Vintage Bustier

A few years ago I made a skirt and bustier set and loved it so much that I decided I needed another.

I used a different skirt silhouette, but when I had plenty of leftovers from said skirt, I decided that I would make a second version of Simplicity 1426.

But this time, I decided to add a few pieces of boning to the midriff lining instead of simply interfacing those pieces.

And, of course, I couldn't help myself . . . bound buttonholes were once again used for the center back closure.

A pair of bra cups were stitched between the two layers of fabric.

Definitely a quick project that doesn't require a lot of fabric.

It took me some time, but separates have definitely become a staple in my sewing room.

Adding a cardigan means the outfit can be worn when the weather is a little too chilly for the top.  And, of course, either piece can be worn with other wardrobe options.  The skirt, especially, has had quite a bit of play this summer!


  1. You do such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing this top.

  2. Awaiting the modeling of this ensemble - you habitually out do yourself, and this screams "vintage flair". There won't be an ice cream social which is safe with you wandering about, flirty-but-oh-so-respectable. Full skirt swishes, over the shoulder glances, and the barrage of glancing darts from jealous sorts (not that you even notice).

    JoAnn's ought to hire you as their spokesmodel - their sales would triple.