Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2020, A Year in Review

I am tempted to say good riddance to the whole of 2020, but looking back, it wasn't a terrible year as far as my creativity goes.  And this includes plenty of moments when I thought I was being incredibly unproductive and feeling rather down about it.  And yes, I have seen all of the memes out there letting people know that they shouldn't be hard on themselves because the year was difficult for everyone.  But I require creativity in my life in some form; it is directly related to how I am feeling.  And if I am being productive in my creative pursuits, there is a really good chance that I am doing just fine.

Claire McCardell / Vogue 2475
Simplicity 3846 / Vogue 8685

Some of these projects were technically completed in another calendar year, and I did finish other projects in 2020 that were never photographed.  But for these purposes, I don't consider a project well and truly finished until it's posted to the blog.  Those are my rules!

Ronne Blouse / McCalls 7974
1940s Style Sweater & Simplicity 8019 / Butterick 6637

One of my intentions once the plague hit was that I would finish in progress projects that I had stashed away, and do my best to use what I had on hand.  The County I live in was pretty closed down for a few months, with retail shops shuttered.  And I actually managed to finish quite a few abandoned items that lived in pieces for years, and rediscover bits of haberdashery that I had forgotten all about.  Which is excellent!

McCalls 7929 & Simplicity 1166 / McCalls 5593 & McCalls 7974
Vogue 1696 / Simplicity 8248

I also went back to basics and rediscovered cross stitch.  I learned how to sew stitching cross stitch kits when I was four or five years old, and for many years it was my favorite type of hand sewing, but I hadn't touched the craft at all for almost twenty years.  I also finished two quilt tops, and even managed to start quilting on one of them!  I feel like an amateur, which is humbling, but I am determined that this form of hand sewing will become as enjoyable as the others are for me.

Vogue 8772 & McCall 8358 / McCalls 7370
Butterick 6412 / Simplicity 8445 & Simplicity 4070

So what are my sewing plans for 2021?  I have no idea.  That quilt project is something I would like to stick with and maybe even finish by next Winter.  And I do miss my super involved dress projects, so maybe I will have to come up with an over the top gown, just for fun.  But for the moment, I am really drawn to knitting.  Maybe it's the weather, or perhaps it's the meditative quality?  But whatever 2021 brings, I am looking forward, and hoping for the best.  Happy New Year, everyone!

Cross Stitch / Crochet / Quilting


  1. what a productive year you had. By the way, you look great in that clear green color.

  2. great idea to finish all those items taking up space in the closet and come out with some lovely items. Also that light blue coat in the top row is gorgeous! love the hangers too. those are my favorite type to use, I have some that my grandmother did. cherished!

  3. Es realmente admirable que hayas intentado terminar todos los proyectos comenzados y que hayas retomado la aficción por tejer y bordar ya que son unas actividades que nos permiten relajarnos y pensar, además de crear que es lo que a tí te gusta.
    Mis buenos deseos para tí y un creativo y productivo 2021. BESICOS.

  4. Laura Mae,

    LUV your year-end review.

    What you sew, cross stitch, knit, quilt, and crochet always amazes.

    Looking forward to your creative spirits doings in 2021.

  5. happy new year to you too! you did accomplish a lot in 2020... i have not taken proper stock of what i have finished this year, but I can relate to your feeling of being down and unproductive, even though I suspect I probably did more than I think.I don't comment often but I have been visiting your blog religiously once a week for years, I want to say a decade or more . it's always a pleasure to read you.

  6. Having you seen that curiosity incorporated are selling and insane amount of vintage sewing patterns?