Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sparkling Florals

In May of 2020, I began work on this skirt.

I wanted a project that was going to keep me busy for an extended period of time.  And it did!  

What began as a few sequined floral motifs at the hemline eventually extended to most of the skirt.  At some point, the matching top was dreamed up, and although that particular article of clothing gave me a bit of grief, I eventually finished the entire outfit.

Serendipitously, I knitted a sweater that was a fabulous match to the skirt, so I have shared the skirt on this blog before.  And now I am finally getting around to sharing the whole look.

The final push to finish the peplumed top was a symphonic performance by The Marin Symphony in April.  

This was only the second live performance I have attended since the beginning of Covid, the first being about one month prior, so I decided to go all out!  I also felt like the program (that included a performance of Carmina Burana) was up to all the sequins.

The program was fabulous, by the way, and I had an excellent time!

As for the top that gave me attitude during the construction process, for a variety of reasons . . . I can confirm that the elasticized under-bust stay does, in fact, work.

While I don't have another project requiring such an addition at the moment, I will definitely be keeping this trick in my back pocket should the need arise at a later date.

And while I believe that there are some failed/frustrating projects that are best left behind entirely, I am very glad that I powered through this one.  Giving myself the extra time to work through the issues was probably one of the main reasons I saved this one.  Time outs are not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to the creative process, and I really need to remember that when I get frustrated.

Which reminds me . . . I have quite a few in-progress items that I should pull out to see if they spark some sewing motivation.  It has been exceptionally warm in these parts, and since the sewing room is on the second floor, it is not all that fun to stay in for anything other than very short periods of time.  But I can only go so long with out some sewing creativity in my life, and I have a dress that is very close to being completed, so back to the sauna I go!

Top:  Made by me, McCalls 7929/McCalls 7937
Skirt:  Made by me
Shoes:  Nina "Serena"
Earrings:  Banana Republic


  1. Beautiful ensemble!!! Worth the work!
    Same problem in my upstairs. We purchased a room air conditioner that sits in the room and has a small intake hose that sits in the window and is not so visible from the exterior. Makes for a more enjoyable creative experience! I'm in Texas where it has already been 103 ;(

  2. So beautiful you're amazing : )

  3. Absolutely stunning. Beautiful colors and your sequin work is amazing.

  4. [very resigned sigh, then a lengthy pause] Utterly incorrigible.