Saturday, July 22, 2023

Birds of a Feather

Exactly how I survived without a pink circle skirt, that is what I would like to know?!

And where can I find more pastel colored cotton twill is my next question!

I honestly had no idea that this garment was going to be such a workhorse.  But I can safely say that it matches so many things in my wardrobe (not including the top that I made from the fabric remnants).

And that is saying a lot, considering that I already have a significant number of full, tea length skirts in my closet that I have made over the years.

I still find it difficult to resist a gorgeous floral print, but I have learned that solid colored basics are not something to be afraid of, especially when the fabric substrate is textured, and definitely if the color is not to be missed.  And I can always wear it with a printed blouse to indulge my need for a print, so I call that a win.

The cotton does wrinkle slightly, and those wrinkles are absolutely more obvious in a lighter solid color, but I now know the reason that people love denim.  But will I be converted to wearing jeans?  I highly doubt it!  

This particular pattern is the Stanwyck Skirt.  I was not entirely sold on a gored circle skirt when I first became aware of the pattern.  But after having made a few, I love it!  And the fact that I can get a tea length circle skirt out of three yards of fabric (provided it can be cut with a multi directional layout) is awesome.

So I cannot say for certain whether or not I am done with this pattern, but my closet is getting rather cramped with all of these skirts, so perhaps it's time to work on more blouses.

I have a black floral rayon print that would work perfectly for another Collar Confection Blouse, so maybe it's time to get started on that project.

And looking at this blouse has reminded me that it's the perfect time of year to pull out my cotton caftan made from the same fabulous avian inspired bedsheets.  Because this heat is getting rather ridiculous!

Blouse:  Made by me, Decades of Style "Collar Confection Blouse"
Skirt:  Made by me, Stanwyck Skirt
Shoes:  Sam Edelman "Kayna"
Necklace:  Rafael Jewelers


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