Sunday, January 14, 2024

Cozy Shades of Green

Why do I retain items from the late 1990s that I haven't worn in close to twenty years?  Because of this, right here.  Who knew I would need a green silk skirt decades later?  I surely didn't . . . but it suddenly seemed the perfect choice for my oversized and very fluffy sweater.

After discovering a fabulous yarn from Knit Picks that is fluffy and cozy and doesn't shed (how do they manage that?!) I had a hankering to make a bunch of comfortable sweaters out of the miraculous fiber, this time in the shade "Kale."

My bright pink turtleneck gets quite a bit of wear in the colder months, and a somewhat similar silhouette in a evergreen shade seemed like a wise choice.

And honestly, on rainy Winter days when I can hardly be bothered to get dressed, a turtleneck paired with a long skirt and boots is my go-to outfit.  So why not give myself a few my options?

I am not clear on why I am suddenly all about a turtleneck . . . even my most recent sweater includes one, and I just cast on another.  What is happening?!

But I have always enjoyed a dramatic collar, so I am just going to go with it.

This particular design calls for a plain stockinette stitch for the entire body of the sweater, but I decided to swap in a moss stitch just for fun.

Which is something that I should remember next time I want to add a bit more texture to a plain knit.

Something I else I should remember is to dig around in the depths of the closet to see what other late Nineties garments are hiding out back there.

Because while I am slightly aggravated that people are calling these items "vintage," I am not unwilling to give them another try!

Sweater:  "Magnolia" by Kim Hargreaves from Vintage Knits
Skirt:  Express
Earrings:  Nicky Butler
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry


  1. Great outfit! I have skirts from the 90‘s too, but I had to convert the waistband to elastic!