Sunday, January 7, 2024

2023, A Year in Review

McCalls 4769 / Vogue 1965
McCalls 8401 / Ostara Top

It's that time of year . . . time to look back at all of the projects I posted to this blog in 2023.  Some of the items made early in the year feel like they were made at least two or three years ago, not less than 12 months ago!  I have lost all sense of time over the last few years.  And to be fair, a couple of these items were technically finished prior to 2023, just never posted here (and if it's not posted to the blog, does it really exist?!).  Last year has both felt like an eternity and feels like it was gone in the blink of an eye; either way, I am ready to move on!

Quiet Reflection / Sodapop Sweater

I was slightly more productive than I thought; and my attempt to add more separates to the wardrobe was a success, so that's nice.

Vogue 1735 / McCalls 8108, Stanwyck Skirt
Collar Confection, Stanwyck Skirt / Picnic Blouse, Simplicity 8458

I still feel like my clothes are a huge mismatch of all sort of styles with no real theme - which makes for some fun when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, but there are days when I do wish that I had a more cohesive sense of style.

Vogue 1908 / Simplicity 9449
McCalls 8358 / McCalls 8280

But I do love being able to make my own wardrobe.  If I don't have my hands in a sewing or knitting project for a few days, something feels off.  So there are no plans to stop making whatever tickles my fancy in the moment any time soon.

Simplicity 8736, Vogue 9249 / Picnic Top
Lily Dress / Simplicity 3034

Thank you for following along with my shenanigans for another year!


  1. So productive! My fave, The gray Simplicity 3034. gorgeous.

  2. You are very productive! I wish I could be that productive! I sew historical clothing, often from patterns with no instructions, and they take a ton of time to puzzle out, fit and sew, so I only managed to complete two ensembles this year around all of life's normal activities and some pretty difficult life challenges. Progress is progress, though!

  3. What an excellent year you’ve had in the sewing room. All of your makes are beautiful and flattering.