Friday, June 23, 2023

À la Carmen Miranda

Well, I finally got through the photos of this dress, and it only took me two whole months.  Yikes.  I keep thinking that I will do better with keeping up with my projects, but time continues to get away from me.

This cotton print is completely over the top, so when it came to choosing a pattern, I figured, why not go all out!

And while I did not expect to do so, I ended up adding a massive petticoat underneath the tiered skirt . . . because, go big, or go home, I say!

Since I thought that just a dress made entirely of an extremely busy print wasn't saying quite enough, I made a matching hair bow and added a pair of ridiculously cute strawberry earrings.

All I can say is, the print made me do it.

I did restrain myself when it came to the shoes because the red pair that I first tried on just seemed like a bit too much.  Ha!  But now I'm thinking that I just may have to wear them the next time I take this dress out for the day.

This is one of those designs where the straps/ties may be worn in a variety of ways.  I do love the way they look crossed in the back, but I may also have to try out the one shoulder drape with the other half of the bodice worn strapless at some point.

Speaking of which, the one alteration I forgot about was the straps.  I have been lengthening bodice pieces for what feels like an eternity, but I somehow failed to think about the fact that those straps have to traverse the torso in order to get tied around the waist.  Whoops.

The slightly short straps don't make the dress unwearable, but I do wish I had at least an inch or two more to wrap and tie in place.

I am slightly tempted to make another version with alternating prints as seen on the pattern illustration, but for now, I am working through other sewing projects that have been on the back burner.  And I will keep an eye out for a suitable contrasting print.

But that is not to say that another tiered skirt is not in my future.  I could do without all that gathering, but they are so much fun to wear!

Dress:  Made by me, McCalls 8280
Shoes:  Banana Republic
Earrings:  Etsy


  1. I rarely take the time to photograph my makes, often because I'd rather start the next one. But I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing your fabulous fashion sense in action. Thank you for taking the time to photo and post. I'm happy to wait if it takes awhile.

  2. Another fabulous creation. I admire your patience with all that gathering but the end result is well worth it.