Monday, January 9, 2023

Polka Dots & Circle Skirts

Here is further proof that I am obsessed with this wool melton Stanwyck Skirt.  I think I am going to have to make another!  The only question is, what color?

But what I am most excited about here is that I am finally getting around to posting photos of my Ostara Top.  

I tested this pattern for Jennifer Lauren Handmade back in February 2018 in a different fabric, and I knew at the time that I was going to make another; the only question was when.

So after I finished this dress and had a small amount of leftovers, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the scraps.

The top goes together easily, and I had a finished garment early in 2020.  Two years later, I managed to take some photos, and another year has now passed and I am finally getting around to the blog post, but such is life.

This has, of course, reminded me of the pattern once again, and I feel that it's time to make another!  Because you can't have too many knit tops to pair with a circle skirt, right?!  These are "basics" that I can get behind.

I haven't been spending much time in the sewing room these days, but perhaps a quick and easy project is what I need to get back to it.

The the questions becomes, which fabric to choose?

I haven't perused my knit fabric in some time, and I suspect that there must be something suitable hiding in there.

Or do I stay on the couch with my embroidery for another day?  I know which choice Valentino would prefer!

Top:  Made by me, Jennifer Lauren Handmade "The Ostara Top"
Skirt:  Made by me, Charm Patterns "Stanwyck Skirt" 
Earrings & Necklace:  Vintage
Shoes:  Nina "Serena"
Belt:  Vintage


  1. The color for the next one should be a neutral or neutral-ish; a platform for your knitwear and tops. Consider gray flannel, or a ballet pink poplin.

    1. I have a pinky colored twill cotton stashed away for a summer weight skirt, but I’m thinking I need another Melton wool version. The jury is still out on that one!