Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Alterations, oh my!

Alterations/repairs are bad words around these parts.  I will avoid stitching a button back onto a store bought sweater for YEARS.  It's ridiculous, but true.  I am willing to spend countless hours sewing away on a complicated project that I have made from scratch and takes months to complete, but ask me to "fix" something on a finished item and I will avoid it like the plague.

In other words, it takes a lot for me to make changes to an existing garment.  But I thought that this skirt would pair perfectly with my sweater, so I decided to make the skirt work for me, even if it meant that I would be altering instead of constructing it.

My first thought was that I could leave the zipper alone; because who wants to rip out a zipper?!  But this is a pleated skirt, not a gathered one, and that would mean that the pleats were going to get wonky if I could only take in the two side seams.

I unpicked the waistband and found a fabric that wanted to fray . . . a lot.  And the seam allowances had been trimmed down to almost nothing.

But I had come this far, so I just kept going.

This process was no where near as enjoyable as making a skirt from scratch, but it wasn't as terrible as I expected, either!

Am I going to start re-fashioning (not sure I can call this a refashion, it's probably more of an alteration)?  Definitely not. 

But this was a good exercise since it's not something that I do very often.

So what did I do, exactly?  I cannot be sure, but I believe that this skirt was meant to be worn below the natural waistline.  That type of fit just isn't my favorite, so I took in the waistband significantly.

This skirt also has side pockets, which I really didn't want to mess with, so I had to fudge the side seam pleats/pockets.

Instead of cutting the pockets, I just tucked the excess into the pleats and increased the take-in of the pleats themselves to make the skirt fit into the smaller waistband.  I also took up the hem to a more flattering length for me.  This also required hemming the lining which includes a bit of netting to help the skirt poof, but that was an easy fix.

As I said, this kind of project is never likely to be my favorite, but I do think the time and energy was worth it in the end.  And another pink hued skirt is always welcome in my closet!


  1. Your work is always Impressive! Funny, I really dislike when hubby get store bought slacks and wants me to hem them!!!! UGH..I said "I'll make you a pain rather than hem those!". HA Hate to mend!!! Anything!!!

  2. Overheard Mmmmhmmmm #8

    "She's claiming a move, from hips to waist."

    "Not buying THAT! It's a side door entrance to showcasing her close shave."

    "You know, you just know, she's been denying having that done."

    "Ya, her office is likely a convention of people politely nodding, then turning casually and rolling their eyes."

    "Did you eyeball that "alteration"? It appears to be in the 18 to 19 inch vicintiy."

    "Which means the skirt is 1/4 of an inch larger to allow for movement."

    "What's next for her, a subdermal corset?"

    "Don't be so sure she hasn't already made and inserted one, with a dog on her lap all the while."

    "THAT Laura Mae!"

    "Yes, THAT one!"