Monday, February 6, 2012

“The Blue Butterfly”

Did anyone else see this evening’s episode of Castle?!  If you have been known to drool over the gorgeous clothing in Gilda, Double Indemnity, Laura, or The Killers, you will absolutely enjoy the eye candy!

The acting was very uneven in the film noir spoof, but the costumes were lovely!  I have a feeling a few of them are vintage!  And I would kill to see the designer’s sketches.

Here are a few of the costumes, and hopefully more will begin to appear online as the days go by.  I cannot find a single one of Alexis/Molly all glammed up for an evening out at the club which may have been my favorite - the hairstyle alone is worth another look.  But she looks extremely cute in this outfit.  Oh how I wish I was born a red-head!

Why don’t people dress like this anymore?  Oh wait . . . I do!  Some of the time!

And I think I need to see L.A. Confidential again . . . can’t imagine why!

Images found here and here.


  1. Did anyone watch the television show "Homefront" on ABC in the early 90s? Great variety of clothing styles from the era.

    Also, many "B" movies featured memorable dames all dolled up ("Detour", "The Lady in the Lake", and "Out of the Past" - the latter has Rhonda Flemming in a supporting role, and she's stunning!).

  2. Oh, this episode was so good! I'm so glad other people saw it! I love Castle, it completes my Monday night line up. These costumes were divine. That purple dress Kate wore in the first club scene? Amazing.

  3. My eyes were glued to it for the whole episode! The clothes were beautiful and the hairstyles even more so. Even if it was a goofy show I sure appreciated all the vintage goodness.

  4. That first dress has a really similar top to the one you bought recently from a charity shop!

  5. The Castle episode last night was great. I'm a sucker for anything resembling film noir. Thanks for the great post and fabulous blog Laura.