Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty Peplums

With all the recent talk of peplums, I was inspired to pull this dress out of the closet.

It is my wearable muslin of this formal dress.  I fell in love with the pattern on the Eva Dress website, and decided I just had to have my own. 

The original instructions were missing, so it was also an easy way to test out any construction issues that I might have.

Turns out, my "muslin" is one of my favorite dresses.

I normally wear this dress in the early Fall, and have no need of a coat.  But I love the way this coat works with the dress.  Happy coincidence!

Dress:  Made by me, Eva Dress 6111
Shoes:  Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret
Coat:  Banana Republic
Earrings:  Kate Spade


  1. Overheard conversation #12:

    "So she trotted out an old favorite, did she?"
    "Mmmm hmmm. And why does this feel like a calm before "topical storm Bernina" hits our shores?"
    "She's waxing reminiscent to throw us of her game."
    "We've met her hundreds of times. She let's down her chestnut locks, flared a pretty peplum, and expects us to pounce."
    "Not gonna happen."
    "She even referenced the formal version this muslin was made for."
    "A double decoy, how deft."
    "The flowers of treachery are in full bloom, and wafting about her - par for the course."
    "She's concocting coyly in the background, upstage, like the antagonist in an opera behind a folding screen."
    "Mmm hmmm. Or as an audience member dressed remarkably like the leading lady. Either way, her serenade is sweet like poison."
    "Too clever by half that one is; fawning over a store bought coat clinched it for me. And for you?"
    "Slingback peep-toes staying grounded. Neither heel was even remotely airborne. I thought this get-up deserved a tippy-toe-to-smell-the-flowers moment."
    "Prior to this she was rehashing Butterick's retreads, the Angelina Jolie Show, and Mad Men meets Banana Republic. Talk about 'no-sew'."
    [exhale]"She's clearly up to some serious stitching."
    [in unison]"THAT Laura Mae!"

  2. Very nice! I like the unusual peplum shape, but I love the neckline even more!

  3. I too very much this peplum, usually I think that if I was to wear a peplum dress it would make my lower body look much larger than it is (being only 4'10" I need more height than width), but this shape is gorgeous, very flattering.

  4. It's great! It is a smashing detail shot of you wearing the coat with the front twist showing.

    May I share some of these photos on my site? I will be happy to link them to your blog here.

    I also like how much mileage you have gotten out of this pattern over the years. I think the peplum is equally enamoured with you ; )

    1. Xandra,

      Please feel free to use the images on your site!

      With all of the peplums in the recent fashion collections, I would imagine quite a few people will be on the lookout for patterns just like yours.