Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here is something you don’t see every day!

Yes, I am wearing pants, and no, you will probably not see this again for a very long time (unless you catch a glimpse of me out for a walk with Tino).  As you may have noticed, I have a real aversion to pants.  And while these are high-waisted, and actually fit (for the most part) I never feel as comfortable in pants as I do in a dress or skirt.

Case in point: these pants have been living in the closet as an UFO for years.  The only thing that needed finishing was a hem and a single hook and eye on the waist.  Ridiculous, right?!

Well, last month I was in the mood for finishing a project, and, in less than an hour, they were complete. 

I had originally hoped to make a 1940s style pant-suit with Simplicity 3688.  

However, the rayon/poly blend suiting turned out to be more polyester than I originally thought, and I decided that matching a plaid fabric that I was not in love with was not worth the effort.  Thankfully, a bit of bemberg rayon lining takes some of the static cling out of the fabric.  Still, I do not anticipate getting much wear out of these pants.  But I suppose it was a good exercise in pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

And the pants allowed my Blackberry Cardi to make her debut.  

The sweater (another fabulous design from A Stitch in Time, Volume 1) was finished two years ago to go with a circle skirt.  I had grand plans for the outfit, but the sweater just did not work with the skirt, or anything else in my closet, it would seem!

Pants:  Made by me, Simplicity 3688
Blouse:  Banana Republic
Snood:  Made by me, “Perky Snood”
Shoes:  Anne Klein “Foxy” in Patent


  1. Oh reconsider the pants issue - you do look good.

  2. Overheard conversation #7:

    "She's branching out! Stop her, I say! STOP HER!"
    "I'm not certain an artillery division could stop her, or even want to."
    "Not while she's working a one heel salute! ONE HEEL!"
    "Ya, ya, ya, she's all mid-decade again."
    "Completely covered, yet her silhouette screams 'Dame of your dreams!'"
    "Had she been in NYC in '45, it wouldn't have been a nurse that sailor was kissing."
    "And she MADE her own snood!"
    "Typical, just typical."
    "Placed it all atop bi-color peep toes, that scamp!"
    "That scamp? THAT Laura Mae!"
    [sigh] "Break out the flexible ruler, we've got some retaliatory sewing to do."
    "And how!"

  3. That cardi is to die for! I think your pants are a great success; they look great! Good to get out of your comfort zone every now and again.

  4. The trousers are a great fit on you. I bought that pattern for my mum a while back (she goes to 40s re-enactment type events) - maybe I should borrow it from her.

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  7. Absolutely Fantastic pieces that go together beautifully. You look great.

  8. The woman in the pattern picture looks like you. Perfect as usual, Laura Mae.