Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Night Extravaganza

I don’t attend many movies throughout the year, but an evening full of unforgettable gowns is just too fantastic to miss.  Just don’t judge me for sitting on the couch in my schmata with a cuddly Chihuahua on my lap – how glamorous is that!

Here are a few of my favorite looks - and I will do my best to keep the snarky comments to a minimum.

Tina Fey was stunning in Carolina Herrera.  I love, love, LOVE this dress!  Not surprising, really, since it has a peplum.  On the red carpet she was one of my favorites.  However, on stage the gown did not read as well.

Michelle Williams was very glam in Louis Vuitton.  I am not sure I like the contrasting back piece, but from the front it was stunning.  Did anyone actually get to see the back detail?  And, lookie here, it also had a peplum.  The addition of the brooch at the waistline was pure genius. 

Colin Firth’s wife, Livia, was lovely (and it looks like no vintage was harmed in the creation of her gown this year, and we do appreciate it!).  Her purse was perfect, not to mention her arm candy!  The man just keeps getting more and more adorable.  Mr. Darcy, I am in love with you!

Angelina’s Atelier Versace gown was stunning – but why does she have to thrust her thigh out of that slit all evening long?  Not very ladylike.  And a great big thank you to that writer for mocking her on stage.  Yes, Angelina, you look truly ridiculous when you do that – you have the opportunity to wear beautiful gowns again and again and somehow manage to make them look cheap.

Ever since she stole the Oscar from Cate Blanchett, I have taken issue with all things Gweneth Paltrow, but the Tom Ford dress with matching floor-length cape was fantastic.  The outfit was a wonderful update of classic old Hollywood glamour - is that you, Eve Harrington?

There was something I really liked about Jennifer Lopez's Zuhair Murad gown, but up close, those shoulder openings made of mesh were a wrinkly mess.  But from far away, what a stunner!

There is something about Kelly Osbourne’s choice that I love, and something that just does not quite work.  Perhaps it is the purple hair, the pink lips, and the blue sparkles on a red carpet that has me distracted.  But the sleeves, the beadwork, and the sheer insets are really lovely.

But what was with the mustached men with a few days growth on the rest of their face.  Sloppy!  Why bother showing up in a tux if you can’t bother to shave or wash your hair.

One notable exception was Tom Hanks (although he could get rid of the facial hair).  Here is a clear example of what bespoke tailoring can do for a man.  Really, guys, you should wear suits more often!

Did I miss any of your favorites?  

I am sure that I will discover more favorites as photos continue to appear on the internet over the next few days.  And thank you to the stars and their stylists for picking varied and interesting gowns this year.  Overall, I would say it was a good night for fashion!


  1. Octavia Spencer was my fashion winner last night. She looked stunning and her dress was perfection!

    1. I totally agree - I thought I had mentioned her, whoops! The draped gown with sleeves and plenty of chic sparkle was spot on!

  2. These are the first Oscar dresses I have seen and out of them I would have to say Kelly's dress is my favourite. I think sometimes she doesn't get enough credit, for here she is truely gorgeous and congrtatualtions to the lady for making it her own style, love the purple hair.