Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Designer Obsession

While he may never replace Galliano’s Dior Couture collections for me, Zac Posen is fast becoming a fashion designer that inspires.

I have to admit that when he first came on the fashion scene, I was not a fan.  But that probably had more to do with my dislike of the celebrities he was dressing than the actual clothing – how petty is that!?

There is quite a bit of origami-like folds and draping and seaming.  It almost looks like, dare I say it, Donna Karan!

There are very clear 1930s influences . . .

1940s . . .

and even some 1950s.

The looks are so theatrical and fabulous!

And I am thinking that the next time an event presents itself, Vogue 2931 may just have to help me create my  very own!

I wonder, what is the likelihood of Vogue patterns producing some Zac Posen designs?!  Pretty, pretty, please!

If you could borrow any designer's drafted designs in your own size, which would you pick?

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  1. Wow these are beautiful!
    Did you notice how in most pictures the models are a little curvier than usual? or is it just my imagination...
    I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this guy, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I did notice the extra curves! In quite a few of the pictures a corset line can be seen at the upper hip line/belly area, so that probably has something to do with it - although, I imagine that the models have very little extra fat to redistribute!

  2. Gorgeous dresses! I also love Zac Posen's designs. I couldn't name just one designer I wish I could wear..but I do love Carolina Herrera and Tom Ford!

  3. Those are truly beautiful. And isn't Posen one of the new judges for Project Runway replacing Michael Koors?

    You know what designer I love but I think is probably underrated? Edith Head! I love her tailored yet feminine style.

  4. That's a hard call...there's few of these looks that I wouldn't at least attempt (lacking a statuesque model's height and body, I'm not sure how well that many of them would look on me, but I'd certainly give them the old college try if I could). I'm torn between either of the looks in the 3rd and 4th photos from the toop, or the alluring merlot hued 1950s inspired cocktail dress (though I'd definitely raise the neckline a tad!).

    ♥ Jessica

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  6. I love the Posen! Even his daywear has such beautiful lines and femininity- it's perfect for you!

  7. This year I'm smitten with Luis Vuitton's fall winter collection. Loved his train station presentation! Not that I could wear any of it, but I probably couldn't wear any designer's fashions, just don't have the body or the lifestyle. Stretch pants and sweatshirts are my uniform and more practical for me. But a girl can dream...

    But I do love the Zac Posen designs as well. True glamour!

  8. what a great post. And I think I'd go with a jacket from Prouenza Shouler - I really liked the combinations of materials and colors and the recurring perforated motif.

  9. Wow, I definitely have to pay attention to Zac Posen!
    I have been completely entranced by Erdem for the last 8 or 9 seasons. I don't always agree with the fabric, but I do love the designs.

  10. Oh, LOVE, love, love love! I would ask to borrow the pink orgiastic bodice dress, gorgeous! Loving all the curves, so feminine for ac hange.

  11. Monique Lhuillier! Ladylike, sexy, diaphanous, edgy, modern, and vintage-inspired all in one gorgeous, sumptuous package.

  12. Right there with you! Zac Posen knows how to create drama. I love the bronze cocktail dress with the navel grazing neckline.