Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hand Stitching and Underlining

This linen/cotton blend is extremely sheer.  And while that works for many designs, a slim fitting dress is not one of them, in my opinion!

I decided to go with the green satin as a backing.  Those butterflies needed a bit of foliage as a backdrop!

I am currently hand basting my pieces together.  This time around I decided to cut the fashion fabric first, since it is more stable than the underlining I have chosen.

And the sleeves will be a single layer of the linen.  I am using French seams for those pieces.  The cuffs will probably be underlined – but those pieces have yet to be cut, so I am still not sure about that!

In the mean time, I have quite a few darts to stitch!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished outfit. This fabric is lovely.

  2. Wow love the butterfly´s! Looking forward to the end result.

  3. oh so much time and effort you put in your garments, it's inspirational! this is going to be really pretty!

  4. That fabric is so, so pretty and cheerful!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Thank you for giving us the little peeks into your process. It really does help. Sometimes it's thrilling to know that you do things the same way I do, and other times I learn something completely new!
    That satin is going to be so sleek and scrumptious inside the dress. A good choice. I can hardly wait to see the big beautiful sleeves, covered with butterflies!