Thursday, June 6, 2013

Simply Glorious!

Zac Posen is unbelievable!

His new 2014 Resort collections are here, and I am in love!

A few alterations to Gertie’s shelf bust dress pattern plus a bunch of tulle and I can make my very own froofy ball gown!  All I need is an event to wear it to!  

And this dress looks like a modern take on the sack-back dress.  Add a fluted hemline (do I see a kick pleat back there as well?) and you have perfection!

This one also has a lot going on in the back as well.  Perhaps the sack-back is making a comeback!

This one reminds me of a Mme Grès design.  How can something be so vintage and contemporary at the same time?!

This is what separates the genius from the pack!

Some of his silhouettes are definitely repeats from earlier collections – but the colors and incredible fabrics are just too cha-cha for words!  And when something is so very right, why not bring it back?!

Who are your favorite contemporary designers?  And please do not let my obvious favoritism keep you from voicing your opinions!

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  1. here's a recent NYT article about him
    you might enjoy reading if you haven't seen it.

  2. I think he is great as well. I'm making a dress inspired by one dress from the last summer collection!

  3. Agreed! I pinned so many from the new collections to my Pinterest boards ;)

  4. I also adore him. Did you see his collection fall? winter? It was just dripping with 50s inspired silhouettes. Just glorious.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Zac Posen - so feminine - he really knows how to design for the female form doesnt he!

  6. Show-stoppingly stellar pieces! I think you'd look incredible in your own version of that amazing tulle gown.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. He never fails to thrill me- and he is my dachshunds fav designer as well, of course.

  8. I LOVE that burgundy chiffon dress! How inspiring!

  9. Those are simply amazing designs. The silhouette is so va-va-voomy! I wish I could pull off that look, but my figure type isn't suited to the hourglass look. I tend more towards minimalistic draped looks, and even though my favorite collection/item isn't always from the same design house, I think Helmut Lang is consistently in the top of my wish list. My favorite dress that I own is from Phillip Lim 3.1.