Friday, June 28, 2013

The End of a Long Week

It was quite a week - I feel as though I barely had time to breathe.

One of the lawyers I work for decided he wanted to move offices a couple of weeks ago.  Translation:  he wanted me to move everything down the hallway.  Other than the heavy furniture (which I absolutely refuse to touch) there has been a massive clean out that is probably about 10 years overdue.  I am so tired of shredding documents and moving files!  There was also some crawling around and untangling computer wires and fending off generations of dust bunnies.  Yick!

The process is still not finished, but this week was spent frantically trying to catch up with actual work that was put aside while accomplishing a long overdue “Spring” cleaning/purge.

Rifling through all those old documents at the office reminded me that I have some old pictures that never made it to the blog!  Namely, this dress!

These are some photos from back in March.  I never got around to going through them, and since I have been boring everyone with construction stuff lately, I thought I would share one of my more adventurous makes.

When this dress was completed back in 2011, I was sure I had made a huge mistake.  The print scale was so much larger than I anticipated, and all those swirls completely mask the interesting style lines of the design.

Turns out, this is one of my favorite garments to wear.  It may be a bit loud and obnoxious, but sometimes something different is just perfect.  And now I have an excuse to make another version in a solid color!

The weekend is going to be spent trying to keep cool!  There will definitely be some sewing; I am not too sure about the knitting needles - yarn and high temperatures do not always go together very well . . . and the sewing room could certainly do with some Spring/Summer cleaning and organization!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 2787
Snood:  Made by me, Perky Snood
Shoes:  Miz Mooz
Fishnets:  Hue

Earrings:  Macys
Bag:  Harveys Seatbelt Bag


  1. Marvelous ensemble! I love the fishnets + snood combination. The two different sized "nets" really compliment each wonderfully.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love the dress fabric. What is the material? The dress looks just beautiful on you and I can see why you'd want to wear it all the time:) I'm hoping one day to uncover enough vintage 40's rayon fabric to make a dress, that doesn't cost an arm and leg. A girl can dream:)

  3. Oh BTW, I ordered some Hug Snug that you've blogged about. I can wait tot try it on a hem of a dress I bought. Thank you for all your tips and tricks, they are helping a novice sewer like me:)

  4. Such a beautiful dress! I really love those gathered forties designs, and will someday muster the courage to make one up. It looks great in this bold print, and I'm sure a solid color would be stunning. Keep cool this weekend - it's even hot in foggy DC!

  5. You are always so effortlessly elegant, Laura Mae! I just love this outfit.

  6. Oh my!! Great dress, great shoes, great bag and great bun coverall. (p.s., if you see me sneaking in your house in the middle of the night and, uhhh, borrowing all of these aforementioned items, just go back to sleep...shhhhh.)

  7. That dress is amazing! And I love the shoes!