Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Very Long Day/Week

It has been quite the week.  Getting back to work after a holiday weekend is always a challenge, but this was ridiculous.

Motivation was next to impossible on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday started out quite well; I had a very exciting trip into San Francisco (more on that to come!).  However, when I returned to my car, parked four stories under ground, my key would not turn.  The old wiggle the steering wheel trick was not working for me, and my ticket was not going to let me out of the garage after about ten minutes.  PANIC TIME!

A wonderful man who works in the garage spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to make the darn thing work.  How do you get towed out of a garage, anyway!?  It is hard enough trying to maneuver a small sedan around some of those turns!

Thankfully, Tink finally decided to cooperate and start (yes, I named my teal colored car after a Disney character – my previous Corolla was a lovely rosy mauve color, and her name was Lucy Rose “Mauve” Montgomery; I have a feeling quite a few of you will get the Anne of Green Gables reference).

Unfortunately, when I tried to start the car after work that evening, the same thing happened.  Tink was now a worthless tin can.  AAA took over two hours to show up, and it took another hour to get the car on the flat bed truck and to the repair shop, but not before the driver told me he did not have the proper vehicle to tow my car – well then why are you here?!? 

This is the outfit I was wearing.  And let me just say, four inch heels and a pegged skirt are not conducive to hoisting oneself into a flat bed truck.

After getting home and feeling very sorry for myself, I made myself a delicious salad and turned the television on.  Criminal Minds did the trick – suddenly I was not feeling so sorry for myself – things could be a whole lot worse . . . like missing limbs worse.

I should be grateful with all of the driving I do that this is the first time I have ever been stranded.  Sure, the occasional battery goes dead or there is a flat tire to contend with, but a jump later or a spare tire and I can move the darn car. 

So I am currently running about eight hours behind schedule, but Tink is back in working order, and I am hoping to catch my breath sometime soon!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 1220
Shoes:  Oh . . .Deer!
Necklace:  Farmers Market Stall
Earrings:  Liz Palacios


  1. I love the Anne of Green Gables Reference! As I was reading, that's what I thought. Really cute dress! I detest car trouble too. For a long time my truck, Lucy (after Lucille Ball) was just out of nowhere while I was driving, it was terrible!

  2. I have that pattern and have never made it up. I've had it earmarked to make a light coat by adding long sleeves, but I love seeing your version of it and am now considering a summer dress too. I hadn't noticed how the side seem angles toward the back before - that's an interesting detail. I'm sorry to hear about the car. That sounds truly frustrating!

  3. I love your version of this dress! Car trouble is the worst! Glad you made it out of the city though!

  4. The dress is beautiful! Sorry about the car trouble, though!

  5. Love this dress! The green is a perfect take on gingham. The car sucks, but at least you looked good!

  6. Sorry to hear about your car troubles, but your dress is beeeyoooootiful!!

  7. Well you would have looked lovely sitting up there in the tow truck :)

  8. Oh no, that does sound very stressful indeed. Fingers firmly crossed that this week is much, much more enjoyable for you, dear gal.

    Love this classic, summery gingham frock - so pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. When I was living in Marin my car would always wait until I was in the City - at night - to break down. Fun!
    Glad you made it through the series of catastrophes safely and looked good doing it!