Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Losing the Light

I have been working away on my latest Britex project. 

If the idea of working with this mess intimidates you, check out my latest guest post on working with vintage patterns.  My pattern choice was this New Style mail order pattern from the late 1940s.

The fabric is a wonderful light-weight navy wool tricotine.  Solid color fabrics are difficult for me, but this one has a lovely herringbone texture.  It is hard to notice unless you look very carefully, but it keeps a garment from looking flat.

I did not bother making a muslin of the entire dress for this pattern.  After measuring, it was clear that the skirt would fit. 

There was one issue, however.  The bodice back tissue was torn along the armscye.  There was a bit of guesswork to figure out what the original curve looked like with an unprinted pattern.  And I wanted to make sure that my sleeve would fit properly, so a test run was necessary.

It is a good thing I did, because the outer edge of the short sleeve was ridiculously wide.  With my lightweight material, it was going to look droopy and pathetic, just like it did in the cotton.  But the set-in sleeve went in perfectly!  I pleated the extra width out of the sleeve, keeping the sleeve head as-is.

What originally drew me to this design was the double peplum with the side draping.  Classic 1940s! 

This project has made it quite clear that I am going to have to do something about the lighting in my apartment.  Working with a fabric that is almost black was challenging!

[The fabric for this dress was received in exchange for my contributions as a Britex Guest Blogger.]


  1. I feel your lighting pain. I have just finished working on a black wool coat that absorbs all light that shines upon it. I coped during the day in my sun drenched sewing room, but as soon as the sun went down all I was doing was sending myself blind.

    My current project in gorgeous navy wool flannel is not much better...

    Love the pattern by the way!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished project :)

  2. Sqweee! What a delightful pattern! Can't wait to see the finished dress.