Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fashion Forward for July 1938

Here are a few new designs for July 1938.  I love the prints, the polka dots, the gathers, the pleats, the smocking, and everything else for that matter!  And the hats are pretty spectacular, too!

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  1. *Vintage swoon* Ooohh, these are so dreamy, so classic, so completely beautiful! The fashions of the 30s are, by and large, hard for me to pull off (I'm short and curvy - not a good match for many of the era's streamlined styles), but as the decade wound down and the some of the silhouettes of the early 40s started coming to play, then I really feel like I could have (or could today) sport some of them and so these are usually my favourite style from that period.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What I really marvel at is the skill level that was expected of the home sewer. None of these frocks look easy to make.

  3. The late 1930s and very early 1940s are one of my favorite periods for fashion. I love the sleeves and the overall silhouettes are so charming. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful images. :)