Wednesday, July 24, 2013


For the past week, I have been cat sitting.  I grew up with cats, and while I adore my little Chihuahua, he does not purr, and I miss that.  I used to drape my cat, Buddy, over my shoulder and rest my head next to his – I could actually feel the vibration.  So comforting.  Just don’t tell Tino I said so!

Stitch counter in right hand . . .

Lucy seems to purr twenty four hours a day.  She is always waiting for me at the door, motor going strong, and will continue until I leave.  She is not a lap cat (at least with me) but will sit quietly next to me  . . . until the knitting needles come out.

Stitch counter in left hand . . .

Suddenly the kitty with the ball of yarn stereotype makes complete sense.  Because she is obsessed with the length of yarn coming out of the bag!  Not to mention the repetitive movement of the needles and the sound of the stitch counter.  My needles now have a couple of kitty teeth marks.

Ready to pounce!

And this is what Tino thinks of the whole thing . . .


Very little sewing has been done, but this sweater is coming along very nicely with a little help from Lucy!


  1. My cat loves knitting too. She is rather elderly and not too energetic, but she will bite my bamboo needles if she gets a chance. Not sure why, but she seems to love the taste of the bamboo.

  2. Aww Lucy is so cute. My Harri purrs almost constantly too. She loves to wrap herself around the back of my neck like a fur stole so I put my ear on her tummy to listen, although I don't need to, for a small kitten she is so loud! She managed to dig a cheap ball of wool out one of my plastic craft drawers while I was at work the other day and I came home to it EVERYWHERE. I wasn't mad, I'm not a knitter, but I did find it funny because I realised cats actually do love yarn! :)

  3. Aww, Tino is so adorable! I don't knit, but my cats leave me entirely alone when I am sewing. Probably has to do with the loud whirring.

  4. So darling! Stella (our cat) loves to strut her cute stuff all over my desk when I'm crafting, too. If Annie (our dog) was small enough to sit on it, I'm sure she'd try and do the same thing, too. It can hamper productivity at times, but I love having pets in the room to keep me company while I create and wouldn't trade their silly antics for the world.

    ♥ Jessica