Friday, March 13, 2015

Anyone need a napkin?

This blouse is my first foray into McCall’s Archive Collection.  And I know some people think that neck-tie designs have a tendency to look like you are wearing a napkin . . . but I love them!  I suppose slurping tomato soup might present some problems while wearing this particular blouse, but I can work around that.

The description of this pattern includes the phrase “loose-fitting.”  

It may have something to do with my fabric choice (not very drapey) or perhaps the underbust seamline, but I was unable to get the garment on my collapsible shoulder dress form (which is smaller than me).  This was rather distressing.  Thankfully, I can get it on my own body without any issue.  Strangely enough, the sleeves are a bit loose, which may be a first for me.  

But that is what a muslin is for!

I wonder how popular these Archive patterns are since there are no new designs included in the latest catalog release.  What do you think of the newest reproduction collection?

I think McCalls made a mistake not including the original illustrations.  Perhaps they are trying to appeal to a wider audience (although the model photos on the envelope are clearly styled with a retro flair), but the vintage drawing are so pretty . . . why not use them?

Has anyone come across the original 1933 pattern?  I have not been able to find the original online.

But in any event, I am very pleased with the way my wearable muslin turned out, and I definitely plan on making this again.  And in the interest of more readily available 1930s blouse designs, I hope the Archive Collection continues.

Blouse:  Made by me, McCalls 7053
Skirt:  Made by me, McCalls 2698
Shoes:  Oh Deer
Brooch:  Monet


  1. I recently made the skirt from the Archive collection. I love it, it's so well fitting and unique. I am disappointed that after the couple of 1930s patterns, they went back to the 1950s. I want to see more 30s art-deco patterns! Your top looks great, and not like you're wearing a napkin.

  2. It looks wonderful, and not like a napkin at all! I think I am in love with those sleeves.... ;)

  3. That 30s suit is a great, and I love those blouses. I love your blouse, and I will be making the skirt to go with my first original 30s jacket. My guess is most sewers are in the market for dresses, and Mccalls have driven down a 50s side road in response, but those 50s dress patterns are plentiful already. For 50s patterns I would say blouses and separates or beach wear would be a better bet. I too would be delighted to see the original art work. If your are flicking through a thousand page catalogue made of up photos, seeing some delightful 30s art work is going to make you stop and look right? I am not sure who Mccalls is marketing this stuff to, but vintage is a diverse market where they should try to spot the gaps.

  4. That is a lovely blouse!! I never was quite sure about the design, but after seeing yours, I like it very much!!
    I agree, they should have included the original illustrations - without them, the pattern covers definitely lack a vintage flair that makes them hard to envision!!
    I have made a jacket and two skirts from the Archive Collection. They're pretty good designs with some tweaking.
    Lovely outfit as always, Laura!!

  5. Archive collection aside I was really taken with M7133, a vintage style outfit with very wide trouser and a collared top, which also comes in a jumpsuit version! Very 30s looking, kind of like beach pyjamas. I can see it with a wide long matching head scarf and a large pims!

  6. Wonderfully lovely blouse. It has such a great hit of daytime glamour and classic sophistication to it.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You did a great job with that blouse. And your hair looks wonderful!

  8. Points for the up-doo!!!

    Will the blouse be recreated in a luxe fabric? Charmeuse for one of those blustery brunch-to-exhibit-to-coffee-shop-for-an-overdue-catching-up days? Hmmmm??

  9. The top looks great! Not a napkin at all! I love the McCalls Archive collection.

  10. Love the way this blouse works with your skirt. Will you make this again?

  11. Your whole look here is so classy! I love your updo too. I like how the diagonals on the fabric look, and that brooch on the blouse is perfect!

  12. love your blouse. You always look so good in what ever you make. planning to make it in cotton print. wonder if will have enough give? not thrilled with the 2 new mcalls early 1960s dresses though. button one realy boring to me unless I change it to a fuller skirt. I love 1950s things but mcalls was dif with the 1930s set wish they would continue to do 1930s or even 40s.I'm so borde with 1960s stuff I could scream. How many a-line mini dresses does one need?