Sunday, March 18, 2018

2018 Spring McCalls Patterns

New pattern release alert!
I can't quite point out why these dresses are so unflattering on the model, but they are.  If you can look past that, though, the style lines are actually quite lovely.  Or is there an inherent flaw in the design?  Are the straps never going to look right on an actual moving body?  

Only time will tell if this is a winner in the reproduction category.  I am definitely going to try my hand at this one to test the theory (just not sure how soon I will get to it!).

I recognize the High Line as the background in these photos, and I applaud The McCall Pattern Company's use of more interesting locations.  But could they also take a bit of care with their samples?  Yikes, this dress is an awful mess.

It does have some interesting lines, though, just look past the puckered and wrinkled mess on the model.  If they did not offer line drawings, I would have run away from this as fast as I could, but upon close inspection, I really like the dropped shoulder, and a button-front frock is always nice.
Continuing with the ridiculous . . . anyone looking for costume ideas for a production of Li'l Abner?  Because I have found your updated Daisy Mae look!  Okay, so she wore polka dots, but that is the flavor I'm getting from this shirt.  Maybe Daisy Duke?  The actual pattern, M7753, is not as terrible as you might think from this example, but yoinks, what were they thinking?!? The addition of the horsehair braid with this print makes it look like the fabric was purchased at a party supply store and is made from a disposable plastic tablecloth.

Now this is what you do with gingham, people!  The illustration is adorable on the pattern envelope of M7752.  So cute, in fact, that it almost makes me want to purchase the pattern, even though I really don't need another cute sun top.
Speaking of adorable illustrated prints . . .

The McCall Company really are trying to make their catalog look more fashiony.  I hope this continues.  Do I need this pattern?  No.  But those back details look like super cute dresses from the 1960s.

And while I do not have a place or the confidence to wear something this midriff baring, this outfit makes me wish I was.  I don't even like yellow, so why am I so drawn to this look?  It must be the ruffles.

Speaking of ruffles, I also really like this dress.  Even the Angelina Jolie-esque thigh-out-to-there pose is not putting me off M7745.  I think it has a lot to due with the lovely floral fabric (don't break my heart and tell me it's poly).  Wrap dresses can be quite irritating to wear, but I do like that off the shoulder flounce.

So, nothing that will have me rushing out to JoAnns to purchase my own copy, but I am intrigued by a couple of the new designs.  Or am I being distracted by the new photography locations?  Do you have any new favorites?

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  1. Thanks for the critique! Mccall's is getting better in styling but yes, they need a better seamstress for some of those samples!

  2. It's the combination of the short waist on the model and the cummerbund. Nobody looks good in a cummerbund in my humble opinion.

  3. I'll agree about the short waist on the model wearing the orange dress. The dress is adding icky bulk there. But also, I think she is lacking any supportive undergarment and the top just pancakes her.