Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Finding an Original

It’s the small things . . . today I happened upon this photo as I was perusing Pinterest . . . 

I nearly squealed out loud!  I just happen to have the sewing pattern for this Ceil Chapman design, as well as my very own version of the dress.

According to the caption, Jean Patchett's version was worn in a DuPont Orlon ad in 1955.  So her gown is probably made of rayon satin, or perhaps an acetate?

I love having the chance to see how the designer originally envisioned the piece.

A similar thing happened with my Emerald Green Ceil Chapman gown a few years back.

A random Etsy search led to the discovery of yet another original Ceil Chapman that was reproduced as a Spadea pattern.

Now I just need to find a vintage photo of that dress on a model!

[Click on image for source]