Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Swinging Good Time

If it’s looking a little like Christmas in these photos, that is because I wore this outfit back in December to a Marin Symphony holiday concert.

This is my wearable muslin of the heavy wool coat I have been working on.

As I suspected, a swing coat was something I desperately needed in my closet!  And I would love to have another . . . which explains the pink version I am working on.

For this blue version's first night out, I wanted to find a dress that would be up to the challenge of showing the coat to its advantage.  What I came up with was this green dress made up way back in 2011 using a vintage reproduction pattern purchased from Eva Dress.  

I love the Vogue Couturier Design!  It doesn't get much wear, and, like so many things that I made many years ago, there are things that I would change if I were to stitch this together today.  But overall, I am very pleased with this garment.  I recall that I meant to make another more every day version by eliminating the drapes . . . yet another project that was dreamt up but never completed due to a lack of time and the distraction of other patterns and projects.

I did not find a hat in my collection that I liked with this particular ensemble, so I made a quick velvet bow out of some leftover red velvet.  

I loved wearing the outfit, and I am really glad that I finally have this coat in my closet!

Now if only I could find a gorgeous wine colored wool, because I am always wishing I had a coat in that color.  But that will have to wait for a few months since I am very excited about making some Sping and Summer appropriate frocks.

For now, I am really pleased with how good I am being about sewing with stashed fabrics (including this navy blue mystery blend)!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 883 (Eva Dress E50-883)
Coat:  Made by me, Simplicity 8509
Shoes:  Kristin Cavallari “Copertina”
Necklace:  Banana Republic
Ring:  Mom’s high school ring
Velvet Hair Bow:  Made by me


  1. I love, love, love your blue coat. It was really fun reading about the construction. I so wish I could pull off a coat like that. But where you are tall (or at least appear tall) and slender, I am short and very wide. So I will keep styling vicariously through you!

  2. wonderful makes, you wear them so well too

  3. Alright swing-out sister, you linked twice to the brown-orange (brorange?) wool melange coat we know of, all too well.

    What's this talk of swingin' in pink? You aren't going to "ballet slipper pink" us in a cashmere blend? Waft about in a powder pink angora blend? Graciously sway in carnation linen version for mild days (with an armful of tulips)?

    Requesting clarification, of photo-link update-tion.

  4. This coat is truly lovely and a perfect addition to your wardrobe!

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I think every woman needs a swing coat. Is that the evolution of our loving to twirl in our clothes when we were little?

  6. The whole ensemble is gorgeous - that dress suits you so perfectly and those "Dorothy" red shoes are the period on the sentence truly :)