Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2018 Summer Vogues

Summer Vogue Patterns means no Vintage Vogue reproductions, boo, but the first of the new releases that caught my eye definitely has a vintage flavor.

This is a Claire Shaeffer couture pattern, which means that the directions alone are probably worth the cost of the pattern.  If only it wasn't such a fabric hog.  But who am I kidding . . . I will be adding this one to my collection next time there is a sale.
I am also drawn to Vogue 9312, although I suspect it has a lot to do with this fabric.  It is a nice classic dress, though, and the tie front is a nice touch.  I also have a few pieces of knit fabric stashed away, so I may have to try out this design for myself.

And I love Vogue 9315.  This wrap top is gorgeous!!  It also includes a caplet version which I definitely have to add to my closet.  Now if only I had some fabulous striped shirting in my fabric stash.

There are also a bunch of new and rather interesting designer looks.  I am intrigued by this Tracy Reese, but do I really need another wrap dress?  No, Laura, the answer is no - step away from the pattern drawers.  I do love that color, though.
And I have absolutely no need for a backless jumpsuit (how exactly do you use the restroom in this?)
But I really appreciate the split yoke style lines on the pants.  Could I somehow turn this into a dress?  That would certainly fix the going to the bathroom issue!

And continuing the backless trend, here we have a color that usually sends me running in the opposite direction.

But if we take a look at the back . . . I love it!  And I guess getting rid of that strange drippy flounce on the front would be easy enough.  And look, wrist zippers.  I have been handling a lot of vintage clothing lately, and this was a very common feature before stretch fabrics took over and it was the only way to achieve a very fitted sleeve.

While I am really weirded out by the sample fabrics, there are some intriguing style lines on Vogue 1577.  I think I prefer McCall 7187, which is a similar idea, without muddling the idea with a classic shirtdress into the mix.  But the Guy Laroche design has reminded me of the McCall pattern, so I thank it!  Which officially means there is no way I am going to make it through my long list of ideas for summer sewing plans.  But that always happens, so I can't blame Guy.
I do applaud Vogue for continuing the trend of including more complicated designs.  This Rebecca Vallance falls into that category for me, although the dress is not my style.
What bothers me most about Vogue 1588 is the similarity to Vogue 1545 that was in the catalog a couple of seasons back.  I want variety in pattern choices, and while there are differences between the two, the overall effect is that these two pieces are very closely related, so do we really need both?

And not to overlook the "Very Easy" patterns . . . Vogue 9311 is pretty darn cute.  Again, do I need a simple dress design to clutter my sewing pattern collection?  Probably not.  But I definitely enjoy this look.  There is also a sleeved view that is rather tempting, as well.

And finally, this Easy Options design has me digging around in my button drawer.  The asymmetrical line on that fitted skirt is just too cha-cha for words.  I would make sure the buttons contrasted with my fabric choice to make sure to emphasize that particular design element.

So overall, there are a lot of interesting options in the Summer catalog, including many new designer patterns, which is wonderful.  Some of them are even tempting me to try out baggy pants with crop tops and jumpsuits, but I know that I will never actually get around to making those particular garments.  In most cases, I think I am going to pass.  But that just means I have no reason to keep ignoring all those other patterns patiently waiting their turn in my sewing room.


  1. Love your blog! And your pattern release posts are always killer. Was also liking that Guy Laroche dress, thanks for the Mccalls tip!

  2. I was also confused about V1588 - I was like "Are they re releasing it?". Very very similar. I loved a lot of the patterns in this collection especially the backless stuff.

  3. Laura Mae,

    As a guy, the bathroom conundrum in a backless jumpsuit would never cross my mind (perhaps Rebecca has a male design assistant?).

    Can't wait for you to sew a Claire Shaeffer pattern (you two share a certain affinity for exquisite design and construction - nuances are never lost on either one of you). A small floral lilac pattern would be amusingly ironic, or a wistful pastel linen (with matching pumps, please and thank you). Either of those outcomes would be certain to elicit the transcript from yet another overheard conversation (and aren't you overdue for another one of those? Hmmmmmm??).

  4. always interesting to hear your point of view on the new patterns. And you didn't mention this one V1584 which is actually the only one I plan to buy. It reminds me of a lot of the DKNY patterns which we love :)

    1. Love the fabric on that sample, but was not over the moon about the design. I think the main thing I don't like is the length of the sleeve/not sleeve. Then again, that's an easy alteration, and it does look like something DKNY would produce. Perhaps I am still mourning the loss of the Donna Karan pattern line?