Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Simplicity Patterns for Spring

Just when I thought I was over being distracted by new patterns, Simplicity goes and does this to me with their Spring collection.  What an adorable little 1940s outfit; loving the oversized polka dots!  No, I don't wear shorts, but these are making me wish that I did.  I could definitely go for the skirt and tie top, though.

Oh, and look, here is another fabulous vintage reproduction.  I have had issues with the vintage repro halter necklines in the past, so I would probably need to do a muslin first, but that peter pan collar is calling my name.

I get a bit bored with the massive amount of vintage apron patterns that get released, but that rick-rack version looks pretty cute and it might even manage to protect clothing while in the kitchen.

Evidently this is the year of the halter.  I love the two tone look of this one, although I suspect this might not be the easiest garment to wear.  I would have liked to see this on an actual person to help evaluate the fit.  But I do appreciate that Simplicity is continuing to release a few of the "authentic" designs with no contemporary fitting changes made to the pattern.

The second of the authentic vintage patterns is this caftan.  I can't say I am a big fan of this style, but that white version with black trim looks super smart.

And I had to include this one just for giggles.  The model casting was spot on for this photo shoot - wherever did they find a living Ken doll?!  I thought the vintage illustration was hilarious (hey man, have you ever heard of sunscreen?!), and then I saw the live version!  Too bad they didn't match the white sunnies . . . I do love that blue and green fabric, though.  But to be fair, I think this design has possibilities.  There are so few patterns for men these days, so I am curious to see if this ends up selling well.  Peter, are you planning on making this one? 

The fabric choices for Simplicity 8652 are strange.  What, at first glance, seemed like a boring pencil skirt actually has some interesting details - they are just impossible to see buried in the busy print. The green linen allows the button detail to show, but that brown print completely hides a very cute pocket and back vent embellishment that I almost missed.

I love those vintage dresses in the background of this photo.  The two toned dress with a yoke collar is gorgeous!!  And I need that hat.  I am somewhat intrigued by the clutch, although I am not sold on the trompe l'oeil bow.  I wish they would release vintage bag and hat patterns more often.  Or maybe another of those multi-sleeve patterns?

Simplicity 8641 is reminding me of the late 1990s.  I still have a denim apron dress that I wore the heck out of.  The fit on the back of this looks problematic, but with the right blouse underneath, this could be cute - not really my style anymore, but it makes me want to pull out that denim dress that must be folded up in a drawer somewhere.

Continuing on the not really my style track . . . if this was made for a woven I think I would take the plunge.  However, I have a feeling there is a lot of negative ease drafted into this thing which scares me.  I like the underbust cutout, but not that center front slit.  When the heck did a center slit become so popular.  It makes no sense to me - how are you supposed to sit down in anything slit up to there.  I can understand how a side slit might work, but I prefer my underthings to remain hidden, and I am not sure this is possible with such a feature.  Has anyone mastered the art of the center front skirt slit?  I would love to hear the secret!

And while I love this Cynthia Rowley design in the way it reminds me of a 1960s YSL trapeze dress, it probably does not belong in my closet.  There is something off with the sleeve, but I keep looking at this and seeing possibilities.  But I think I love the design more than it would love me.  In my next life I will come back with legs up to my ears and then I will get to wear these silhouettes.  Until then, I should probably let this one be.

But I am definitely going to be picking up a few of those vintage reproduction during the next pattern sale.  So many projects, so little time!  Are any of the new designs tempting you?

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  1. New patterns, yay! Thanks for the heads up. I don't get the frontal slit thing either--I'm short, and I'm sure I wouldn't be street legal wearing that.

  2. I made a "cabana" outfit -- matching shirt-jacket and swimsuit -- from a vintage pattern about 8 years ago, and while it looked cute I think I wore it only once. The problem with the original fit (and I think it's true of the version being modeled here) is that the rise is very high: it's drafted to come up to or even above the navel. If you wear it lower, the crotch drops in an unflattering way (esp. since there's only a 2" inseam (or thereabouts). It would need to be redrafted imo.

    1. I should add that I do think Simplicity does these vintage reissues quite well, and I'm always happy to see them. Very nice styling as well!

  3. I really love the crossover halter so much that I ordered the pattern. We'll see how it fits an actual person, but I thought it was worth taking the chance. Probably something that a larger busted woman couldn't wear (not a problem for me). What I really want to know is where to get that yellow rose fabric they made the pencil skirt up in - I want some!!

  4. I plan to get the shorts pattern with pleats because shorts is all i wear here in Texas in the summer. Most patterns have an elastic waist that creates gathers so i think the pleats and side front opening would be flattering.

    I like the shirt in the men's pattern because of the contrast cuff and facing. I would lengthen the shorts to the knee though for my nephew who is 12 and wears a medium size in men's shirts because he is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 126 pounds even though he will be going into 6th grade.

  5. About 8639. While I do see your point, patterns can be viewed as a jumping off point, and not necessarily sewn as a literal configuration of what is on the front of the envelope. There's nothing stopping a sewist from using a different (larger) size and making the dress up in a woven or sewing the front slit closed. That's what is great about being able to make clothes, one can pick and choose how the garment should be put together, and with what fabrics.

  6. I keep wondering about those center front slits. Who wears those? Do they ever sit down?
    Simplicity patterns have been catching my eye lately though.

  7. 8641 has many antecedents, but is closest to a Calvin Klein Vogue I have from 1986, #1676. It was cute, and it's even cuter now. Can be picked up for a song on Etsy. Plus, it will not fall off of you while you wear it. as for the halter, my pal Jennifer is whining for one, and I think it will work for her. And if not, she's a fashion tape person, so she'll tape herself into it to wear it.
    Mostly, I came to the comments to thank you for this ongoing feature. And Ken Doll, OH My God. He has that pose down COLD.
    Thanks for the giggles, my dear.

  8. I have the original version of 8654! It's always exciting to see something in your vintage pattern collection see the light of day. I can attest with this one that it this one is absolutely lovely made up!