Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Umbrella Season

I spotted this fabric at JoAnn Fabrics last year.  I love the print, but the white background was rather sheer so I put the bolt back.  But after it made it to the clearance section and remained there for some time, I decided to grab it.  It's not the best quality cotton, but I though it would come in handy for some future project.

Vogue 9345 was my pick for a vintage cut of cotton gingham that I found at an estate sale.  However, the major issue with this particular design is that it is a total fabric hog if you want the full skirt version (which I did!).  So the vintage textile was out.

Then I spotted this yardage in my sewing room, and thought I might as well try the pattern out and see how I like it.

Of course, that's no reason not to go all out with bound buttonholes, especially when you don't trust the machined version!

I did my best to line up the front bodice pieces with the pattern repeat.

And with all of my stashed buttons, these were the only red ones in my collection.  They aren't my absolute favorite, but they work.

The hemline didn't drop that much, but I did trim a little from the bias portions of the skirt.

And with the button placement, I though it was a good idea to add a hook & bar at the waistline.

I also added a snap between the two buttons on the bodice.  The top button is placed at the fullest part of the bust as it should be, but I think that a snap placed between two buttons keeps the bodice opening closed a little better.

Here is the finished look.  It's no longer seasonally appropriate, but I did manage to wear it once during the Summer months.  I suspect I will be using the pattern again in the future.  It's classic, it has a nice fit, and I do love a good shirt dress!


  1. Impressive sewing and it shows in the finished piece!

  2. Your eye for design, clearance bin alchemy, and quiet vigilance against gap-osis combine to make a statement of style, joy, and the resourceful preservation of modesty.

  3. Love your new dress! It is just so beautiful. <3

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  5. I love this so much and red buttons are so happy. I have a load of shirt dresses but I still want more!