Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Footwear Fixation

With all of the garment sewing I do, it is very rare that I go shopping for clothing.  I walked into a local mall a few weeks ago, and wanted to flee the moment I stepped inside.  To say that I am unimpressed with the mass-produced and poorly constructed offerings may be the understatement of the year.  

The only exceptions are in the ridiculously expensive price range - there is bound to be one or two extraordinary creations that I would not mind bringing home, but until I win the lottery, that will not be happening.

The one thing that I will probably never be able to make for myself is a pair of shoes.  

But that does not curb my frustration with the limited selection.  Which, I am sure, has quite a lot to do with the fact that I am used to being able to make a dress or skirt or blouse exactly to my taste.  I really do wish this could extend to my shoe collection!

There are plenty of modern shoes that catch my eye.  Case in point:


Unfortunately, they are, like those fabulous clothes, far out of my price range.

And then there are the vintage inspired styles.  But they never seem to be quite right.  The vamp is not high enough, or the heel is too conical.

So for the time being, I am going to keep spending way too much time (which is better than too much money, I suppose) lusting after the incredible variety of truly amazing shoes that have been created over the years.  

And maybe someday my closet will miraculously be filled with Re-Mix reproductions.  A girl can dream, right?  Because here is the perfect green shoe I have been searching for!

Do you find shopping exhausting and disappointing after creating your own wardrobe from scratch?

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  1. Vintage shoes are fabulous! It is so hard to find a vintage style shoe at a reasonable price. Actually, it's hard to find a cute, medium heel shoes at all. The peep part of peep toes are too wide now. Three of my toes should not slide though a peep toe shoe.

    They're not nearly as cure as the vintage ones, but Nine West does have a multi-colored polka dot pump as 6pm.

  2. Complete and total shoe swoon! I love shoes so, so much (hardly a rare bird there, I know ;D), even though I have somewhat hard to fit feet (they have really high arches and are a slightly uneven sized) there's nothing that could ever deter me from having a passion for footwear (especially vintage/vintage appropriate styles).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. For me it's come down buying fewer things, saving up to buy better quality and being more satisfied with what I do have. Those Re-Mix shoes are actually not that expensive for what they are and I noticed they're also all leather. One style was marked down to $118. That's a good price for a well made shoe.

    1. I have long admired your tactical practical code for dressing.

  4. I also run screaming from malls. The selection for men is so depressing, and there are some ethical issues about how our abundance of cheap clothing is produced. Learning how to make my own clothes has been liberating (even though I've yet to attempt pants!).

  5. I've pretty much stopped shopping, thankfully. It's too bad you couldn't make printed cardboard cutouts of the shoes you love and strap them to your feet. It might feel clunky for day-to-day, but for photo shoots at least... ;)

  6. What a gorgeous group of shoes! Every time I go into a store I'm bored with all of their offerings with the exception of shoes and purses. I love having my own custom wardrobe which is unique and unlike any other. :)

  7. You're not the only one who wishes that you could make shoes to your taste like clothes. I do too! But my family would think me crazy if I ever tried to make my own shoes. ;P
    Someday... there might be a way... :)

    The Middle Sister and Singer

    P.S. I especially love those last polka dot bow-bedecked heels!

  8. i have been following you on pinterest, and i lust after the shoes you post. However, i'm not likely to ever be able to find such beauties, not to mention i'm pretty hard on shoes (i'm happy if i can get a pair to last for more than 1 season), i've begun settling.

    I just ordered these, but in the teal/mint green color scheme. Haven't even got them yet. And i know the heel is not quite right, but i'm gonna try it anyways. These are kinda high priced for me, but i'm trying to switch to a better quality.

    I have a marshalls on my way home from work, and will frequently stop in there to check out the shoe department. Nine West is a common sight, and honestly, i don't follow brands much at all, so i don't even recognize most of them. But so far i've bought good quality well lasting very cute (if not always retro styled) from them.

    Also, i found this website the other day, and thought of you. No shoes as good as the ones on pinterest, but some interesting items none-the-less. I'm currently planning my wedding, which after i found the art deco Matthew Christopher dress (named katrina or katarina, 2010 collection- which is about par for the course. I'm actually surprised i'm only 3 years out of fashion), i've had a crash course in art deco.


  9. The Re-Mix shoes are worth it, for sure! They're real leather, and made in Spain, plus it's a small independent design house you'd be supporting.

    I definitely feel your pain - it's why I now do what I do! Same reasons, just earlier styles. :-)