Monday, March 4, 2013

Modern Vintage

My first thought when I saw this new Dior creation from the Fall RTW collection was the most recent vintage Butterick reproduction.  Swap out the bodice pieces, add some embellishment to the drape, and you have your very own Raf Simons knock-off.

Even with these similarities, the new Dior collections have a decidedly modern feel to them.  And I am sad.

This recent collection will not be making it into my list of favorites.   So many of the pieces remind me of Schiaparelli’s brilliant use of surreal art imagery on her clothing and accessories, but with less character and charm.  That being said, the beading that makes up the Warhol sketches is gorgeous - but what else would we expect from Dior?  

As politically incorrect as it may be, I miss John Galliano.  I suppose the thing I really miss is the over the top theatricality of his collections, and the never-ending inspiration it gave me.

Although, some of the Dior Fall 2013 RTW outerwear is pretty darn spectacular.  But come to think of it, the reason I love it so, is it looks just like it's vintage twin, doesn’t it!?

So I guess I am not sure what to think!?!

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  1. Looks like another season of retreads (rethreads?).

    You're not kidding about the lack of charm in that art imagery - those looked like line drawings from a sales circular, or lifted off the packaging of a store-brand product.

    Is it time for Laura Mae to make THAT red coat (the last one)?

  2. The striking, gorgeous garnet hued coat in the last image is by far my favourite piece here. If only more of the latest season had channeled a deeper vintage aesthetic like that stunning topper does.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I just purchased a Vogue Couturier pattern dated 1958 (or '59, I can't remember) that is eerily like that red coat! That red coat (in both versions) is spectacular, I might add.

  4. THANK YOU for agreeing that Dior is not the same without Galliano!!

    I have been thinking this for a while now, and while some of the new Dior looks are nice, they don't blow me away like what Galliano could do.

    I think they should pay Zac Posen lots and lots of money to design for Dior. I know he has his own line but he is the only designer I can think of that would equal Galliano in skill and aesthetic.