Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hatiquette: The Conduct to be Observed in Hat Wearing

These days, an actual requirement to don a hat is extremely rare.  Which is a shame, because I think they really do add to an outfit.  

Last year, I was contacted about my thoughts on hat etiquette.  And today I received a link to the finished product.  If you would like to take a look, click on over to Fedoras.com.

I think they did a wonderful job putting this together.

The lovely Jessica of Chronically Vintage also gives her ideas on the wearing of hats - I just love seeing a familiar face, as it were!

I certainly do not profess to be an expert on the subject of hat etiquette, but I do enjoy wearing them every now and then.

Generally, if they are a part of the ensemble and pinned into a hairstyle, they remain on the head both indoors and out.

And I do believe that if you are comfortable with wearing a hat, go ahead and wear the darn thing.  If you truly own the look, I don’t think anyone will second guess the adornment, whether inside or out!

When is the last time you wore a hat?

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  1. I wear hats every day!

  2. Your star is rising!
    The "celebrity of self" is the launch phase.

  3. The "Hatiquette" infographic is great!

    There is one memorable time I wore a hat while shopping- it was just an ordinary large sunhat that I liked to wear because I hadn't gotten contacts yet and liked to not squint all the time. I was wearing said hat and a colourful but ordinary rtw skirt but a strange phenomenon happened- a couple people actually moved to let me by or gave me a seat on the bus. This never happens here. That, and every time I tried to buy something at a department store and was holding the hat, the cashier thought I was trying to purchase it which was a) irritating after the first time and b) a statement that people tend to only wear hats at the beach, while gardening, or doing hiking type activities.

  4. How awesome! I wear hats loads because they are so fun! I do wear them to church often and it can be kind of akwaward when someone prays but taking one's hat off as a sign of reverence has always been a man thing in my brain and I'm glad to see that the hat experts agree!

  5. Nothing like a hat to make oneself memorable! And ditto times ten for a distinctive hat! I wear hats all the time and have a small collection.

  6. I have a hard time with hats- scarves feel more reliable. But they look lovely. I guess eventually, I'll get the knack.

  7. I love wearing hats,but often wear the same one, a black wool cloche with a lace skull,that people tend to remember me by.

  8. Well, please don't judge, but I have a seal and otter fur hat I wear when I'm in AK (necessary for warmth, trust me on this one). I have a crochet straw sort of thing I wear at the shore, brightly orange. I have a black straw with a medium brim I wear for weddings and other fun things.

    I'm going to a wedding in London this summer. I'm trying to figure out a fascinator for that as soon as I figure out the rest of my regalia.

    1. Alaskapsych, hope you're not going along with the historian who insists that a fascinator still is a wooly shawl :) (Yes, the term once referred to that - but it hasn't for quite a long time. People also no longer say "thee" and "thou" to each other as a sign of familiarity.)

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