Sunday, March 10, 2013

Human Error

KnitPicks is awesome!  I miscalculated the number of skeins needed to complete my latest knitting project.  The yarn was purchased as a clearance item, so I figured the color was no longer available, and had a bit of a pout.  Miraculously, it was still for sale!

A note was added during purchase that I was looking for a specific lot number, but I was certainly not holding my breath that anyone would see or pay attention.

The box of yarn (yes, I purchased more than a single skein!) arrived earlier than the estimated delivery date, and I was very excited to open the box and get back to my knitting needles.

The lace weight yarn was left uncovered at the center of the box – right where I used a pair of scissors to cut the tape.  And, you guessed it, I also cut into my skein of yarn.  The damage is minimal, but I want to kick myself for such a silly mistake.

But my lot numbers match!  

So the packers get massive points for finding old lot numbers, but lose a few for not making it possible to open the package without clipping the precious cargo.  Then again, maybe I should just be more careful!

1 comment:

  1. That's fantastic! It's not everyday (by any means) that you encountered such terrific customer care or have such a great overall experience when shopping online.

    The wool is a beautiful colour and really turning into such a wonderfully lovely sweater.

    ♥ Jessica