Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lacey Eyelet

There is still a bit of work to be done on Simplicity 3224, but I am getting there!  Kris generously emailed me a copy of the instructions (thank you!), but I am going to hold off looking at them until I finish, and then compare what I did to the original construction.

To complicate matters, I am working with eyelet, which requires a bit of extra finishing work.  Silk organza came to my rescue, once again.  I found three yards that I completely forgot about – love when that happens!

This is not going to work . . . 

Unfortunately, I did not think my pocket construction all the way through.  Sometimes auto pilot gets in the way.

I will just call the mistake my practice run.  The opening is what needs to be finished, not the bottom portion - whoops!  Way to miss the obvious!

I wanted my eyelet motifs to match as much as possible, so I marked those in chalk on the pocket and pocket flap tissue.

One side of the flap is underlined in my ivory bemberg and the other in silk organza for a bit more body.

One thing that took me way too long to understand was clipping exterior curves.  Interior curves were clearly not going to lay flat without a few cuts, but I never really understood why a circle edge could be so lumpy.  But clip a few little triangles out of the curve and everything is perfectly smooth!

The bodice is underlined, but I am treating my ivory bemberg as a lining for the skirt pieces.  Because the two fabrics drape very differently, I cut the rayon lining shorter than the cotton eyelet.  The dress has been hanging for a couple of days, and parts of the lining are now even with the cotton eyelet, which is exactly what I was expecting.

At the moment, I am working on the bolero.


  1. Wow, it already looks amazing. How you matched the eyelet pattern on the pockets, perfect.
    I am so completely stunned, your projects look so professional, I love how much attention you pay to finishing and a clean look on the inside of the garment. You really made me re-think my practice of sewing (because really, you don't want to see the inside of my projects :-) )
    Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. It already looks so great. I love how you matched the eyelet pattern on the pockets, perfection!
    In general, I love to see you work, how carefully you finish your garments on the inside made me re-think my own sewing practice (because you don't want to see my project from inside :-) )
    When I found your blog a few days ago via Bloglovin, I spent several hours reading on it.
    I can't wait to see that dress finished!
    Greetings from Switzerland, ette

  3. This is looking great! The eyelet is very pretty and I love the idea of underlining it with organza.
    Looking forward to see the finished dress...

  4. I wish I could find some forgotten silk organza around here!
    Your motif matching is amazing. Do you usually buy an extra 10 - 20% of fabric for this kind of thing, or do you find that the "with nap" fabric requirements usually give you enough yardage to work with?

    1. These days I rarely buy fabric with a specific design in mind, so I am forever trying to cram all of my pieces on limited yardage. This particular design is small, so the repeats are frequent and do not pose much of a problem.

      If I know what pattern I am working with, I always purchase extra fabric for motif matching! And because I usually add length to my bodice pieces and wash everything, I like to have generous yardage amounts to allow for shrinkage and pattern alterations.

  5. (oh, sorry, I was sure my first comment got lost, because my internet disconnected, that's why I wrote the 2nd)