Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tons of Tiny Triangles

Okay, so it is not actually tons, or even a ton – they weigh very little, in fact.  But I have been clipping away, cutting out more little triangles than I care to count.

This is the price you pay for scalloped edges.

I want to make myself a wearable muslin for this pattern, instead of messing about with boring old muslin.  There is plenty of that in my future, so for a change, I decided to dive right in.

The upcoming Fall for Cotton sew-along was my inspiration, and although I am starting a bit early, I thought all of those quilting cottons that are tucked away should come out to play.


  1. Love the fabric!! Can't wait to see what it will be.

  2. I just love this cheerful, endlessly autumn perfect apple fabric. It's so cute and fun!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. So cute! Looking forward to seeing what you're up to.

  4. That fabric is divine!!!! I love it - can't wait to see what this becomes!!!

  5. Hello, I just found your blog threw The Boyer Family Singers pattern giveaway and am looking forward to following you from now on! I also love to sew, knit,crochet and love vintage ANYTHING! :)
    My sister and I are just starting our own blog and would love to hear from you!
    Blessings! ~Cassie
    A Fun and Modest Blog