Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cutting into the Good Stuff

My fabric has arrived - all seven yards of it!  My Fabric Designs does not have an option to purchase half or quarter yards (although I hear that there is a possibility this may change in the future), and I was not sure that six would be enough.  The pattern repeat is rather large, and I did not want to end up short.  This has turned out for the best because all I have left is small scraps now that everything has been cut out.

But first things first . . . I tested my fat quarter in some soapy water before hand washing all seven yards.  Even with a bit of scrubbing, there does not appear to be any color transfer when the fabric is wet.

Before cutting into the print, I needed to cut out the underlining layer.  This time around, I used a mid-weight quilting cotton.

Yellow tracing paper was used to transfer my stitching lines to the underlining.  The marks are easy to see, but not so visible that they will show through the cotton/silk fabric.

Next, the underlining was pinned, cut out, and hand basted to the cotton/silk.

And then the fun begins!

There is a whole lot of hand sewing to be done, which just so happens to be my favorite!

[Disclosure:  My Fabric Designs provided me with a coupon code which was used to purchase a portion of this fabric, but the opinions posted here are my own.]


  1. Ooh, your fabric is totally gorgeous! I really can't wait to see your finished dress now - you will look so beautiful :-)

  2. Love your fabric. Your dress is going to be so BEE-YOO-TI-FUL! Thanks for sharing all your "behind the seams" work!

  3. Wow, that's going to be spectacular!

  4. That is a super fabric. I'm sure it will look as gorgeous as usual in its finished form!

  5. I know you will cherish this dress because it is the first fabric you designed. It is so beautiful I'm sure you will want to create many more designs. I think you missed your calling and should be Laura Mae American designer. You have talent and passion.

    I love your tutorials and plan to make bound buttonholes today using your easier method of one square instead of 2 strips (it looks easier anyway).

  6. Wowee. This is going to be one impressive dress. Can't wait.

  7. This beautiful fabric also echoes Givenchy

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