Sunday, May 8, 2016

Four Glorious Yards of Skirt

Have you ever worn an incredibly full skirt?  Some of my fondest costume memories are of wearing hoop skirts.  Granted, I would not want to wear one every single day (I have enough trouble keeping small objects on low tables when I walk by in a petticoat), but they are wonderful to play around in.  And a super wide petticoat is almost as good.

For this dress, I gave myself four yards to work with.

This is not a circle skirt, so it is not as twirly as it might be, but it is going to be pretty darn fun to wear!  The petticoat is about half of its final size, so the skirt will be even more poofy!

[Disclosure:  My Fabric Designs provided me with a coupon code which was used to purchase a portion of this fabric, but the opinions posted here are my own.]


  1. Can you explain what kind of skirt this is, versus a circle skirt (and what that is/how it is cut or shaped)?


  2. I am really enjoying watching your dress come together, beautiful.

  3. I loooove full skirts! My mama told me when I was young that only skinny girls look good in full skirts, but I'm no skinny girl and I rock them all the time.

  4. I fear I bump into entirely too many objects to wear this many extra layers but it is looking mighty fine.

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