Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beautiful Inside and Out

This afternoon Dita posted an Instagram of the inside workings of her Met Gala dress.  I would love to spend a few hours with the dress going over every seamline and hook and fastening!  

One mustn't wear undergarments with haute couture, it shouldn't be necessary. Here is the sumptuous interior of my @zac_posen Met Ball gown: by @ditavonteese
As a reminder, this is what it looks like on the outside.  The color is wonderfully unexpected, isn't it!  But definitely something you need help getting in and out of.


  1. All that beautiful work and all I do is stare at the 'wear' (reflection?) on the grommets. Paint not baked enamel. Even Posen can't get good hardware/notions. I do think this dress was the winner of the day, in architectural and engineering terms. And it's on Dita.

    The skirt is almost a CJ clover skirt homage (multiple leaves/lobes). Interesting that there is seam pucker and obvious hem turn showing through. And perhaps some VPL. And did I mention Dita?

    1. I noticed the grommet issue too.

      And most of his gowns use horsehair at the hems that is visible. It does not bother me quite as much on this dress, but the Karen Elson one was really bad - maybe the silk just did not have enough body to hide the horsehair, or perhaps the dress was made for someone a little taller so that the rest of the skirt does not settle around the hem?

      I suppose the moral of the story is that there really is no such thing as perfection!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! Now, if I had those skills!