Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Another look at the inside of a Zac Posen gown - this one is in process, in all its raw-edged glory.

I really hope he continues to share the inner workings of his designs!  Personally, I find this more interesting than the showy parts of the dress.  Is that wrong?

Inside construction at the #zacposen #atelier #behindthescenes #madeinusa #corset by @zac_posen


  1. The inside Constructions art more interesting, because i can see how much work it need to look gread from the "outside"

  2. That's pretty fierce! Having shopped for bad modern eveningwear, you really can see the difference if the underpinnings aren't there. I'm glad he's still keeping those techniques alive.

  3. Of course I'm also more interested in the insides. I may disagree with the designer's sense of style but the insides are all about technique and skill. So much to find out!

    In this case, it's interesting to see that there are no boning channels visible on the lining (other than the underwire casings). It's a corset, so I assume there is boning. I guess there is a separate layer between outside and lining which holds it.

  4. I love lurking on other people's sewing guts! :)