Sunday, May 18, 2014

Muslins a Plenty

I am working away on my two Sewing Indie Month patterns.  I may not have all those fabulous prizes to tempt me, but it is always fun to play along.  Especially with these wonderful designs!

First up is Lolita’s Spearmint.  I have quite a few winter coats but really only one Spring/Summer appropriate jacket.  

I have been know to suffer the cold rather than throw on a coverup that looks ridiculous with my outfit, so it is high time I remedy the situation.

My other project is By Hand London’s Anna Dress - this pattern has been the talk of the sewing community for quite a while now.  

After looking at the dress on my sewing table, I was not convinced . . . but once this one is put on an actual body, the design really comes to life.  Now I understand what all the fuss is about!

I will mention one thing - the more I work with muslins, the more convinced I am that not taking the extra time to baste in a zipper is a big no-no.  I have a couple of heavy duty zippers set aside for this task (an over-sized pull tab is helpful when you are getting in and out of the garment a lot).  And really, it does not take very much effort, especially since it does not have to look pretty.  Hand basting makes it very easy to remove when the time comes.

Now the only thing to do is take a seam ripper to the lot and the sewing can begin!


  1. I bought the pattern, nice fabric, notions, but everytime the Anna dress was on my sewing table I hesitated. Just not that impressed. Your remark about the design coming to life once you put in on was just what I needed. Anna it is for Sewing Indie Month!

    1. Oh goody! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I'm not very familiar with Lolita Patterns but that jacket looks gorgeous! I really like the front detailing, looking forward to your finished version!

  3. How are you finding the fit of the neckline? Have you found any gaping at the back?

    Of what fabric will you make yours? I'd like to make mine for a special occasion, but am stumped.

    1. The neckline is wide, but I did not have to alter it to fit (as I have heard quite a few people did). I did stabilize the seamline with seam binding before construction which will keep it from stretching.

      The final fabric is a cotton/silk jacquard which I have been hoarding for years - this just seemed like the perfect dress for it. In my opinion, the dress needs a fabric with nice drape, but other than that, really anything goes! If you go for the slit, you may want to make sure the wrong side of the fabric looks okay.